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    Nuketown Zombies idea about fallout shelter

      Hi, a noob here. Excuse me if this as already been found out, discussed, or questioned.


      Has anyone though of doing the bicycle, then trigger the atomic symbol all while the counter is at 38? (Being the number of tests that were done during Operation Latchkey ((Which is, of course known, the other street sign that is above Trinity yada)))

      Then, for the hazard symbol. Doing the same thing, wait till 38, THEN (dun dun dun) Opening that shed that gives you a free power-up but wait for it to be a nuke. Since it changes.


      I'd like to try this out with others, because I haven't been able to do this solo. And none of my friends play Black Ops anymore. Like it's beneath them, damn Ghosts.


      Help? Ideas? Or just call me a noob and tell me to piss off for wasting your time.



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          Re: Nuketown Zombies idea about fallout shelter

          Ohh my.


          If you manage to do all that then I think you deserve for it to work. Even if it just opens a big hole in the ground breaking the map. That is some effort.

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            Re: Nuketown Zombies idea about fallout shelter

            this is my theory. The first symbol is not a bike but represents electricity. Its blue and white. It could represent round 25 once richtofen takes over their eyes turn blue. Plus richtofen has an electrical element to his zombies that's why emps work on them. The second symbol points you to the trinity and latchkey signs and they each have a four digit number and if you subtract them you get 242. 2 being the big clock and 42 being the population counter which is what the third symbol represents because you can see the same symbol on the side of the counter when you look inside the crack on the welcome to NT sign. The next symbol represents getting the nuke drop behind yellow in the shed. And then maybe the fall out shelter will open with a wonder weapon in it or maybe you have to hit it with galvas or something. We know that when the population counter is at 15 the clock is at 1 representing 115 and then get the nuke and a song plays. So why can't this same logic work for something else. The hardest part of this is getting to round 25 and keeping the counter at 42 while having a nuke drop in the back. Plus think of the word latchkey. What does it mean to you? A latch and a key. Like a lock and a key. I dunno lmk what you think

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