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    Exodus: New Armoury Upgrades?

      I’m on PS4 and can’t wait until Exodus comes out! Currently grinding out teeth


      So far I’ve managed to save 137. I’m currently averaging around 8-10 teeth per game (4-man team games) on Awakening.  I rarely play solo as I am more of a team oriented player. I know I have a better chance of earning more teeth on solo, especially when it comes to completing challenges but I love the drama in random lobby’s lol.


      Typical set-up

      Weapon Specialist | AP or INC Ammo (Depending on Lobby) | Armour

      Relics (4): Take More Damage | Smaller Wallet | Fragile | No Machines

      Weapon of Choice: Chain Saw with Rapid Fire


      So my question to those who have had a chance to play with the new armoury upgrades is what should I be saving for?


      I’ve got my eyes set on Cryptid Slayer Ammo + Arcing Stun Ammo. The reviews have been generally positive and I’ve been reading that Master Scavenger is a bit of a hit & miss . Of course I would love to have Double Class but I think I’ll be too tempted when I hit the 500-milestone.


      Any feedback is much appreciated!

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          Re: Exodus: New Armoury Upgrades?

          my best advice is to stay off these forums!  they'll talk you into buying everything, including electric knifes!  haha


          personally, I've decided on the Double Class.  but I am making it a point to have fun getting there, meaning I've already purchased Arcing Stun Ammo and I'm currently working towards Cryptid Slayer Ammo.  CSA is awesome, I've had a chance to be in a few lobbies with a guy running it already.  Your gun literally spits fire!


          Based on yesterday's thread, I had to get Arcing Stun Ammo and give it a go on POC solo.  It was the most fun I've had on that map in quite some time!!!  Now I can't wait to find another lobby with CSA now, so I can try out CSA w/ arcing stun


          If I never get up to Double Class, oh well.  At least I'll have had fun with some new toys along the way

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            Re: Exodus: New Armoury Upgrades?

            Here are some thoughts from someone who has all of the upgrades - except for double class.


            First, two comments. There are lots of valid analyses on this forum about the upgrades, so I'd read them before making any decisions; these are just my opinions. Second: I assume you have all of the pre-Nemisis DLC upgrades. If not, the transfer attachments is a must-have, as are the class upgrades relevant to your playing style, start with a skill point, etc., so I'd consider investing in those before some of the newest ones.


            For what it's worth:


            • The cryptic slayer ammo (CSA) is killer, especially when combined with arcing stun ammo. Fabulous whether playing solo or co-op (but in the latter case, be prepared to be the "ammo guy" virtually all of the time)... in which case, starting with the extra $1,000 is a pretty good add-on as the sooner you throw down a box of it, the easier it makes the game go, and the way it upgrades means you only have to put 3 points into it (the last 2 points to get the "regen" are a waste
            • If you get the CSA, definitely get the arching stun ammo as well and you'll be amazed at how well it works, especially with more powerful guns
            • I'd go for the pistol ark attachment before the master scavenger (MS). I did it the other way, would have gone for the ark first - it really rocks no matter what pistol you use, makes running pistols only a breeze
            • Which is not to say MS isn't worth it. There are lots of complaints about the scavenger upgrade, and there's no question it can be streaky and somewhat illogical relative to factors such the number of players (i.e., 5 arks in 2 player game, 7 in a 3 player game) but if the other players let the scavengers do their thing more often than not there'll be lots of arks, extended mags, and rapid fires. The flare boost basically make a regular flare into a sticky flare and that alone makes this one worthwhile. Although hypno knives are supposedly more powerful with this upgrade, in comparison to flares, the knife the effect is marginal at best. I usually don't pick the knives up anymore in favour of flares, which really make most challenges a lot easier. Which is valuable, now that there is a 4 teeth bonus for completing all challenges. Plus, with an ark and/or pistol arc, rhinos are ridiculously easy to kill, especially with the crypid ammo - sort of makes the knives obsolete. Finally, I've yet to play a solo game where I don't find an ark and extended mags, and often both, and my luck's also been excellent in 2 player games
            • If you usually equip the vulture, the extended duration upgrade is well worth the 50 teeth. When I first used it I found myself constantly trying to buy another vulture only to find it was still there... the effect is noticeable at all upgrade levels, but really impressive when it's fully upgraded - plus, and this is the best feature - when fully upgraded you get twice as many incendiary rockets. It's great on its own, but you should see how having 3 or 4 of them fully upgraded up at the same time just tears up the map
            • Since the class boost duration has been reduced, the frequency boost upgrade is actually pretty worthwhile - however, at 200 teeth it's more of a"luxury" and not nearly as useful as the other upgrades


            Finally, in case you're equivocating about saving for the double class first, I play with friends who bought that first and others who, like me, could have swung it but elected for the other upgrades. The consensus seems to be that the CSA, stun ammo, MS, and pistol ark are a lot more fun. If I had to do it over again I'd still elect to wait on the double class, but I don't know if those who did the double class first would say the same thing....

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                Re: Exodus: New Armoury Upgrades?

                'The flare boost basically make a regular flare into a sticky flare'

                the color is only a different variant, the duration of sticky flares are the same as regular flares and is affected aswell.

                sticky flares and regular flares without the upgrade lasts 20 seconds and with the upgrade there both affected and last 30 seconds as a result of a 50% bonus

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                Re: Exodus: New Armoury Upgrades?

                I'd like to hear from more players that have all of the upgrades.

                What is the consensus, which upgrade would you take if you could only pick one and which would be your second pick?

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                    Re: Exodus: New Armoury Upgrades?

                    cryptid slayer ammo and pistol ark. we have all lasted without the half duration and master scavenger and spent the year with 1 class. for me its an easy pick

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                        Re: Exodus: New Armoury Upgrades?

                        But then if you're like me and don't use your pistol much, MS is better than Pistol Ark. I'd much rather have an Ark on a primary weapon, than on something I only ever use when I need to quickly kill something, or it's a challenge.


                        It's genuinely all down to what you want, and what you think and what your play style is.


                        Slayer Ammo + Arcing Stun is great and I would recommend. I'd also recommend the Vulture upgrade. A lot dislike toughness and sniper deadeye, yet I would also recommend those. Though, I would say don't get sniper deadeye thinking it's making your gun more powerful, or if you aren't decent enough with a sniper.


                        Frequency Boost and Double class are amazing, and yes we've survived with only 1 class and full regen duration for the ability upgrades, but then the same could be said about the fact we survived perfectly fine without ANY armoury upgrade.

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                      Re: Exodus: New Armoury Upgrades?

                      Pistol Ark= 125 teeth

                      Cryptid Slayer Ammo= 500 teeth
                      Double Class= 1000 teeth

                      Vulture Duration= 50 teeth

                      Master Scavenger= 200 teeth

                      Class Frequency Boost= 200 teeth

                      Arcing Stun Ammo= 50 teeth

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