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    Leper Spawn Locations?

      I know we've had the conversation  (see: Damn You Leper! ) on how frustrating the the Leper Challenge can be. But let me ask this question:



      Where Are The Leper Spawn Points?

      I've been playing this game since release and still find it difficult, and it is probably my most failed challenge. Now I'm pretty sure I know some of them, but please, enlighten me with some others so I'll know which direction to go when this challenge comes up on certain spots on the maps.

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          Re: Leper Spawn Locations?

          I don't know of any great way of finding the Leper but I have been told that not shooting makes him come to you faster, which I have found to be seemingly helpful, although it does result in downs more often then Lepers. He does always seem to show himself about 15 seconds into the challenge. The hardest part is figuring out which Cryptid he is, He is just larger and slightly different color, but the MOST OBVIOUS DIFFERENCE I have found if his TAIL, its long and forked, kind of resembling a snake tounge. That is the most distinguishing detail I have found.


          Sadly though I am not sure of exactly where they spawn or the best way to find them...

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            Re: Leper Spawn Locations?

            I'm not sure where the spawn locations are. When that challenge comes up just throw down feral instincts and you'll easily see him. He's the same size as a hunter and he usually keeps away from the rest of the aliens and runs away quite a lot. I've sometimes noticed that he can attack the drill if you're far enough. Another way is using flares but make sure you stay well back from it

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              Re: Leper Spawn Locations?

              The exact spawn points, I don't know. I'll honestly say we might fail that challenge once out of ten times. But that one that we do fail......... frustrates the heck out of because there is only soooo much you can do.


              Some tips that I try to remember when I get the challenge is.......... Don't panic. Try to keep all teammates eyes in every direction. He usually isn't extremely far away, but possibly at the outskirts of the door or generator you're working on. My one friend says he walks on his hind legs. One thing that has helped me immensely is keeping your ears open....... he makes a unique growl or squawk.

              He is obviously colorless, just grey. I personally don't like feral instinct to find him like some of my friends because it makes him blend in better with the rest of them.

              This is all assuming he's male.

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                Re: Leper Spawn Locations?

                I think his spawn might be affected by where you're standing when the wave starts. (like how the exploit on Mayday worked and forcing the aliens to spawn downstairs) I'm not sure on the spawns, but I'll post my observations for Point of Contact:


                On the first area, as long as you aren't standing too close to it, a few scouts will spawn from the balcony where the SC2010 is and the leper will follow. It will usually jump onto the VKS rock and wait there for a while before roaming the map.


                On the second area, it usually spawns on the roof above the barrier hive and will hop around that area, so you'll have to shoot it through the fence.


                On the final area, it usually spawns for me down in the crater where the nuke is and will move towards the outside of the barn on the unreachable side. Whenever I get the leper challenge on the last area, I almost always find it in the last few seconds outside of the map behind the barn.


                For me, a good rule of thumb is go to where the first big group of enemies spawn, and then look for an alien bigger than a scout. Whenever I get the challenge, I just activate feral and go to the biggest group of aliens and he's usually in the back of the line since the others are more aggressive. I always have feral vision when the challenge starts so I can tell you I've never seen the leper spawn somewhere else from the initial wave of aliens, so if the hive starts and you see a bunch of scouts pour out from one area, the leper is probably there.

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                    Re: Leper Spawn Locations?

                    The spot you mention in the first area of POC is probably my most successful kill zone.  Although on occasion I'll find him by the first barrier by the log cabin. But if I'm up on that grassy knoll when the challenge comes up I really have no idea where he spawns. Did see him once on the balcony by the electric fences but he quickly jumped down rounded the building and was gone when I got to the back alley.


                    The 2nd POC area I've caught him at the end of the street by the Army Truck and Hive, as well as coming over the fence where the generator is by the barrier. But if I'm right in the back with the drill where you find the LMG, I rarely get it unless I run right into him.


                    3rd POC area most successes have been that path like area across from the barn by the fire trap,  and beside the barn itself by the electrified fences. Never really thought to look down in the nuke hole, so thanks for that tip.


                    As for the other comment regarding Feral. Prefer that slot for Armor. Feral is nice, but I don't think I can justify it for one challenge.

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                    Re: Leper Spawn Locations?

                    My theory on the leper is that he is hive specific as to where he spawns. For example, if I get this challenge on the 2nd hive in the 1st area of POC (regardless of actual hive spots, just the 2nd you drill) I always pass the challenge as he is always jumping down from above the sc2010 hut. But if I get it at my 3rd hive in the same area he never spawns there. Instead he spawns on top of the large main building and disappears over the back wall where you can't get to so I usually fail that one. By the way I class the first area as after the first hive with the chopper. In the second area if I get it as my 2nd challenge he always climbs down from behind the 2nd barrier hive runs along the road over the trap and sits in the 3rd area at the end of the road. If I get it as my 3rd challenge in the 2nd area I always fail it as I don't know where he spawns.  I found him once above the lmg on top of the building but never again in that spot. It's the same in the 3rd area 2nd challenge you will always find him near the barn or behind it. Last challenge run away from the nuke hive toward the barn and he will spawn near the hive and probably die in the puddle trap.

                    So my theory is he has specific spawn spots depending on hive number in any particular area. If anyone wants to test this further I would welcome your findings. Hope this helps.

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                      Re: Leper Spawn Locations?

                      Feral Instincts is a very good way to find him but if you don't shoot he generally comes straight too you.

                      The most common spawn locations are:

                      - 1st area

                      Behind the buildings/motel or over near the long grassy area in the back corner.

                      -2nd area

                      Over that fence where you go into the third area or somewhere around all the buildings.

                      -3rd area

                      Down near the nuke/final hive and behind the barn.


                      Note: If he is not in those areas, he is most of the time around you in close range.

                      Also, if kills himself by jumping of the edge or one of your automated turrets accidently kills it, I find it also fails the challenge.

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                        Re: Leper Spawn Locations?

                        Feral guarantees a platinum escape ... so long as people realize you ... don't ... actually have to kill all the creptids during the escape. I don't know wtf people are smoking lately, but I've lost several platinums recently because, within feet of making it to the escape ring, people have been deciding to U-turn and take out that last rhino.


                        But I digress. This thread is about hunting down lepers. What I've found, in that regard, is that it may be better to know where the leper is going to go instead of where he's going to arrive.


                        On POC Area 1, the leper will almost always go to the ridge behind the cabin near the barrier hive. Depending on the weapon you're using and how much it and/or your ammo is upgraded, you can take him out via the alley or next to the fence between the cabin and the barrier hive. What I've seen is that he usually enters from the motel roof near the Welcome sign end. Don't bank on that, though, because he also sometimes comes from the hill behind the outpost next to the sniper rifle hill. What I try to do is, as soon as the challenge comes up, I start running for the stairs that go up next to that cabin near the barrier hive. At the top of those stairs you can look out across the map and usually ID him pretty quick. The beauty of this is that most of the time someone will catch him before he makes his escape - and if no one does, I've got the back up to take him out. One thing that's very important ... if more than one player is in the area of where he tends to make his escape, he will go somewhere else.


                        In Area 2 the leper has a wide reputation for escaping by hiding behind a building along the alley into the third area. 100% for certain, if you have two players along that side of the map, he's going to stay back in there where it is often impossible to shoot him. You need only ONE player to take him out. What he will do is come from that alley ... then bolt along that face of the buildings where you exit that alley once the barrier hive is open. You need to be ON TARGET and react quickly when he emerges from that alley. He WILL pause before jumping into the crater, but that pause is NOT long enough to take him out. It's just enough to finish him off. On the chance that the leper stalls in the alley, go up to the fence where everyone leaves the drill before entering the 3rd area. Once there, move as far to your right as you can. You should be able to barely be able to see him but enough to lay into him. If you have feral instincts active, you'll be able to see him pretty easy. Inevitably there will be a Hunter nearby, though, and that might throw you off. The way to distinguish them is that the leper is the ONLY crepid that will run for the crater.


                        In Area 3, he will make his escape in one of two places. Almost always he will escape behind the cabin between the barn and the road entering Area 2. Run up to the balcony surrounding that cabin via the hill and climb onto the balcony then turn and look the area over. I've never seen him enter the area from anywhere except behind the barn ... but it could be anywhere along that side of the map. If he does not escape via the back side of that cabin, he is going to leave via the other road between the fence and the cabin with the deck facing the nuke hive. As always, have only ONE player along his escape path or he's going to go to the other one and you'll miss him.


                        I've been using these methods to take out the leper for a pretty good while now and the only time he gets away is if someone either blocks his normal entry route or if there are two players in his exit routes. Don't send to players into the lepers evac route - he runs faster, doesn't pause, and takes more shots to take him out. You need only one player to take him out.

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