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    Hacked Cod games......

      So, in all seriousness, I am simply asking why Activision seems to bail on previous titles.

      From my experience, when a new title comes out, the one before it seems to be hacked to hell. Whether it's invincible players, invisible players, character models jumping 200 feet into the air, etc.

      Can anyone give any insight as to why, to me, games seem completely abandoned?

      It is frustrating to say the least.

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          Re: Hacked Cod games......

          Wow, 40+ views and no comment? Guess you guys are happy with screwed over games......

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            Re: Hacked Cod games......

            Money. They got our money, time to allocate resources to the next project. Can't do that if they are still maintaining an older title. However, Treyarch seems to be keeping up with Black Ops II. I've seen updates as early as May 2014.

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                Re: Hacked Cod games......

                That's what I figure as well, it just seems a very low down business model to be honest.

                Yes, some players move on to the next title and don't look back, but some prefer the older titles, such as myself.

                I prefer Treyarch games myself, but even BO and WaW are hacked beyond recognition. Shame too, they were decent games.


                Even DICE doesn't let it get THAT bad, as far as I've noticed myself. It's usually just a-hole players in previous BF games from my experience.

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                Re: Hacked Cod games......



                Games are completely abandoned because of the new trends and upgraded or more advanced way on making COD a high impact game for us. I noticed this after the launch of the new title, and it really describes how the future would might be. Try looking at the brighter side of it, even though we bail them out still we had a great time playing them and it the was worth it. That's an insight.

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