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    Lsat with 3 round burst attachment??


      Hey guys, any one else notice that in order to get the vertex retical with the holographic sight on a LMG you need to get 75 kills with a burst fire attachment? :/


      I am new to the forums on this sight but i was wanting to work on unlocking stuff for my lsat and i just noticed this, any way to make this bug known to some one who can fix it?
      Because ive tried many different things to get progress on it but even with all the other attachments online it doesnt recieve progress, its like its really wanting me to use a burst fire attachment with an LMG.

      Xbox 360
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          Re: Lsat with 3 round burst attachment??

          You don't need to use the burst fire attachment on an LMG to unlock that reticle, the Holographic sight for the LMGs work across some other classes of weapons, so you aren't restricted to only using LMGs to unlock other reticles. So in other words, you can put a burst fire attachment on an Assault rifle or a Marksman rifle and work on getting that reticle. Once you're done with the requirements, you may use said reticle on your LMG.

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            Re: Lsat with 3 round burst attachment??

            These are attatchment challenges not gun specific.
            the challenges will have at least 1 specific to each gun category that it is available on.
            so use burst fire on an AR or an MSBS to unlock that
            and use slugs FP6 to unlock that etc. etc.

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                Re: Lsat with 3 round burst attachment??

                This. Some reticles are unlocked after general challenges (ie, blue dot is unlocked by getting x number of kills with red dot while strafing) which apply to any weapon that can use a RDS, whereas some are weapon and/or attachment specific.


                If you complete the one that requires slug round kills with a RDS for example, you can use the unlocked reticle on ANY weapon that can use the RDS, not just shotguns.

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