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    matchmaking suxs


      Why, can anyone explain, am I getting into lobbies with people from Mexico, India, Spain and Canada and that was just 1 lobby today.  I am in Texas, I can somewhat see the Mexico but not really, why cant I get matched up with people from my own country.  When I get into these lobbies, which happens a lot, the lag is unbelievable.

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          I Know how you feel, I get it a lot in clan vs clan. Which I'm starting to play a lot of. It sucks ass. half the time all I get is hit markers. Then they one shot kill me. I love it.

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            Lots of factors... time of day you are playing. Quality of your Internet. What Mode you are playing. What Console you are on.


            You sure you know where everyone was from?


            Without useful information, nobody can answer your question.


            I played before work today on HC TDM, had zero issues getting a game or with lag.

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                I have this issue all day.  My internet isnt the issue, I have checked that repeatedly.  I play mostly TDM core and hardcore.  XBOX 360.

                I know where everyone is from, based on the fact that we all talk in lobbies and it comes up in conversation.

                Im glad that you dont have the same issues, at least someone can enjoy this game.  I dont have these issues when I am playing with people from my region or area.

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                  Sadly you can have perfectly fine open internet,  play at peak times, use a monitor with 2ms response etc... And still get a lagfest regardless of mode.


                  Although having all the above is most beneficial, it however, means absolutely nothing if you fall on the wayside of the matchmaking turd that is ghosts and COD in general. Not forgetting the anomaly of being placed with players 7000m away on numerous occasions.


                  One could be forgiven if this was relative to all online games, however when COD is the only one of them that does it to me, i have to tip my hat to them for really trying hard to ensure i stop playing. AW will be the very last COD for me if the same problems persist.

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                  I had this problem a few months back, kept getting put in Euro lobbies, regardless of what time of day.  Like me, I'm an early morning player, 2:00 am- 7:00am pst, if you consider the majority of players at that time awake, they are going to be euros, until you get in the 5:00 am range and I'll start getting est games. It has gotten better and seems to have "repaired" itself. I'm in California and have hooked up with some early players that actually live near me so we can get a group running, we usually get Hawaiian and Northwest lobbies.

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                    Sometimes problems like this are limited to an account, I've had a friend who had to go through the ringers with XBL Support and eventually they found that for whatever reason his XBL account was stuck on South America, not North.


                    More likely, however, this is a matchmaking issue, as the XBL matchmaking servers have been really messed up over the past two weeks now, with increasing veracity some days and little to see on others. Matchmaking has a lot to do with where you get thrown and how long it takes to even find a game. Also when it's flagged with a warning, the matchmaking servers measure your ping and connection differently than they would otherwise. I'm usually the go to party leader due to my speed and ping stability, and we typically find games fast and have little issue. When the servers are like they were last night, though, It was saying I didn't have the right requirements for hosting, alone it would take me 3-5 minutes to find a lobby at all, etc. Leaving me to believe that when XBL flags its matchmaking servers for fixing or maintenance, it follows a totally different set of rules than it otherwise would, leading to otherwise good hosts being "unusable", oddly long times trying to find a game, people with really awful connections get treated like Lords and Ladys within matches, and an increased frequency of international lobbies that cause every ping in your group to geyser out of wack...

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                      I hope it's better for AW, otherwise I'm not even going to bother with it.

                      It's been horrible all day long.

                      For those of you ahead of the lag, I hope you're enjoying it.

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                          I Hate seeing people ahead of lag! It's sooo frustrating!! Eats me up! Dosent make it fun or fair! It's a loose loose situation. Happens way to much in this game! also the people ahead of lag are basically unkillable. How fast they move, the amount of times I ran into this tonight, when you figure out who is ahead of lag which is not hard to figure out! From the way there moving! even though I shoot first I still die 1 bullet. No matter how quick you are or what you do, you will look like a snail to them moving slow! What ******* joke this game is!! It's not fair! Like you said advanced warfare better be better. Otherwise my son may have a new frisbee.

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                            Yup... Horrible day today for me as well.


                            I got pounded today by partied up players with obvious connection advantages. I had a hard time getting anywhere near a 1.0KD. So I switched to my greasy class with dead silence & amplify, hear mr. super speed coming & I pre fire as he rounds the corner. Well... just walk through those bullets and blast me . Throw on flak jacket.... blam... instant head shot every time.

                            Ever notice when games like this are happening... the spawn system is way out to lunch as well? spawn...dead


                            Thanks for reading... Rant over lolz

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                                It was a little better for me today, although not much.

                                I used the hotspot on my phone instead of the cable internet.

                                It slowed it down enough to where I was slightly lagged out instead of stupid lagged out.

                                My phone has an 18 Mbit connection, which I guess is better than my 60 Mbit cable connection.

                                Go figure. Only this game could destroy the reason for having fast internet.

                                This game makes no sense.

                                And you're right about the spawns. Even though the lag was slightly better, I died five times in a row in a game of unearthed.


                                I have discovered that Extinction is pretty fun, though. So I've been playing that instead of the online junk.


                                I preordered Destiny, so maybe that will actually be fun.

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                                    Im really looking forward to destiny! Can't wait for that!

                                    funny you should say that about running hotspot on your phone I tried that a couple of weeks ago and it wasn't to bad, I only played two games cause I didn't want a massive bill. But I was running on nat type-strict both games.

                                    the thing is I have been playing a lot of clan vs clan, expecially s&d. And trying to get a kill on that is a joke. every time it happens out of 20 games of s&d I might get 2 good games. It sux cause I'm trying to get better at it. But all I get is frustrated cause I know that I should of got that kill.

                                    tdm core is pretty good most of the time, even still though alot of the time I can be pretty much top player every time, but I'm like is every one else playing fairly aswell or am I the one in front of lag it's not fair on other people. I hate it when it's me behind so I feel sorry for other people. Only if there was a way to level the playing field. For everyone.

                                    and yeh when you are behind spawns are far worse. Unless they just move around so quick they can flank a lot faster and get behind you without you knowing! I don't know. But I would love to see a better system in place to fix this. So everyone can walk away saying that was fun even though we lost.

                                    it was fair there was good gun fights.

                                    there wasn't those few players that destroy the whole team with there lag abilities and make you throw your controller and then get on here for a rant.

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                                I would love to have actual skill based matchmaking like other games do.  Though it may take longer to find players, at least you wouldn't have noobs playing against guys who drop KEM strikes on the regular.