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    My account stats are gone, help plz!

      Today has been a HUGE headache. Somehow, my PSN account was breached today, my account stolen, where it was used to mess with my in-game clan and now I come to find, wipe my stats. My COD account was never breached. Only my PSN.


      I was Max Prestige, with 20 days played and over 100,000 kills total. I also run a Clan, Level 25 with 7 Diamond Wins, ranked in the Top 50 on the Diamond Leaderboard.


      After much hassle I was able to finally get back my PSN, change passwords, and have complete control over it again. I luckily managed to fix my in-game clan BUT my Call of Duty user account is showing ZERO everything. Rank 1, zero time played, zero KD, everything. I'm guessing that this is more than user triggered stat reset because it shows ZERO time played.

      I've been playing on this SAME account in EVERY COD for 7 years now! I've NEVER had my stats wiped or have an issue in the past. Never have cheated, boosted, or anything like that. I even run a clan/community where I'm proud to have a Zero Tolerance Policy against any of that type behavior for my members.

      Is there anything I can do to restore my stats? I was gonna try chat support but its not live for another 12+ hours.

      Thanks for any help!

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          Re: My account stats are gone, help plz!

          Also, all my leaderboard stats are still intact. On the COD app, it successfully shows how much time I have played, but a 0.0 KD.


          Sure hope there is a fix for this! This is much more than just an account/game to me. I use this account run a community of 100+ members and losing my stats on this account will seriously hurt.

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              Re: My account stats are gone, help plz!

              Only thing I've seen like this is a prestige hack. I wont say how its done, but if someone got your PSN credentials, they could have easily copied your prestige to another account, leaving you at zero.  I dont know if that would also reset your time played, but I suspect this is what happened to you.

              I believe, it may be possible to restore your account, but I wouldn't know how.

              BTW, if youve ever seen a player in a lobby with a grey box in place of their prestige symbol, THAT is a hacked prestige. It will only be a matter of time before the idiot that bought your stats will see his prestige symbol change, then EVERYONE will be reporting him, and the hammer will come down on him. Unfortunateley, though, you may still be SOL.

              If I were you, I'd get in touch with Activision support by phone.

              Good Luck

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                  Re: My account stats are gone, help plz!

                  Thanks for the response.


                  Still confused as to how all this happened. I was targeted by the hacker because of a new member that joined yesterday, guess there's an ongoing issue between this hacker and the person who joined yesterday. So this hacker retaliated against my entire community aka me, the leaders account and changed our in-game clan around, demoting me and my lts, putting himself as leader, and changing our motto to his twitter page.


                  The only reason I got my PSN/clan back was after I contacted him via the twitter link, he felt bad he targeted us when we had no knowledge of this new members supposed history and personally handed it back over to me and apologized. Which was nice on his part but the damage was done and I've spent the last 5+ hours trying to fix it.


                  He never got into my COD account, just my PSN, and my password was super complicated. Still no clue how he got in, no way he guessed my password. On my PSN, some how my "gender" was changed, which is impossible unless you have support change it for you. Its something like your username where you can't change it once you sign up. So no clue what the heck else he was able to do/change. Guessing he had to "connect" my PSN to another COD account in-order to do all he did. So no clue what happened or how to even prove this to COD support.


                  Anyways, is COD Phone Support 24/7? I tried looking all over for a phone number with no luck. Only could find a chat area that is not open until for another like 12 hours. Kinda going crazy here trying to fix everything. Put A LOT of work into my community and thought I was well protected with super crazy complicated passwords for everything. This whole thing is just a nightmare.


                  If you check out our site, you can tell we're not just a small in-game only COD clan, working to build into something more, and this event today almost took us down. http://www.1vs7gaming.com/

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                      Re: My account stats are gone, help plz!

                      For him to have done all that he was a true hacker, I think.

                      I've been to your site, and even recommended it in my strategy guide.

                      Personally, though I dont know you, I believe your story.

                      To contact Activision support by phone, you must have a support case first. To start a case, go to the support section on the top left of the page and go through the process untill you see the "contact us" option.

                      You can also start a case by contacting support via twitter @ATVIAssist

                      Once your case is started, you will be able to view it in "my support", "my cases".  It will have a case number you will need to reference when calling by phone, and a phone number to call will be shown.


                      Unfortunately, cases like yours are rare, so I wouldnt be surpised if they send you a reply that doesnt apply to your particular situation.  Be prepared to provide evidence. To bring them up to speed, you might want to reference this thread.


                      Hopefully a support mod can help. Calling in:  SavageHam



                      Best of luck

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                          Re: My account stats are gone, help plz!

                          Thats sucks dude, hope you get it sorted.

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                            Re: My account stats are gone, help plz!

                            Thanks for the info! Means a lot you believe me. Appreciate the vote of confidence and honored you linked back to one of the guides I put together for my community. Can't tell ya how much this sucks, after sinking so much time to have it all endangered like this for no reason at all other than allowing someone to join my community, sucks. No one deserves this.


                            Think I will really need that luck, feels like it will be an uphill battle to get anything done to restore my stats.


                            Will give it a shot right now. When I tried it before, it only gave me an option to chat. Hopefully I have more luck this time.

                            Thanks again!


                            And any help Savage would be appreciated dude!

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                      Re: My account stats are gone, help plz!

                      Just tried several different options via the Support, they all only give me an option to chat or go to support forums. No way to start a case or ticket. Any help would be appreciated! I saw in a few other threads a mod can create one, so guess I need to wait?


                      Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks again!

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                        Re: My account stats are gone, help plz!

                        Thanks for the update and info.


                        Also just got a message from the hacker since my last message here, I asked him what he did to my stats a couple hours ago. He said his friend who got him access to my account, manually reset my stats via the barracks unknown to him until he asked. He "thought" he was handing me back everything the same, no harm, no foul.


                        So good news, its not a glitch or anything crazy malicious like the prestige hack you mentioned. I just played one game, got my butt handed to me thanks to playing with out my classes, and can confirm the 19 days played shows correctly now on my mini-profile. Looks like its basic stats reset via the barracks.


                        Is there any way to reverse this? Pretty sure if support dug into it they'd see it was from a different IP, across the country or something, and on a different console (think he used PS3, had to remove that as an approved device on PSN account, I only use a PS4). Sure hope it can be reversed, because with running a clan, there is no way I'd get max prestige again or have the time to unlock all my stuff again. I put in a lot of time and worked hard for my stats and my clan, and this just well, sucks! Not to mention ALL the classes I spent hours to set up for every possible outcome in Clan Wars. I'm not some little kid who can put in crazy hours to re-earn it, I'm in my 20's, got a life and job and can't invest the time to level up my account after all this.


                        Thanks again for any info!

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                            Re: My account stats are gone, help plz!

                            Man that sucks, kids need to find better things to do than go around messing with peoples accounts.

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                              Re: My account stats are gone, help plz!

                              Sounds like what he did was the prestige "hack" I was referring to. It's not an actual hack. Its a simple way someone can exploit the game to copy your prestige/stats over to their profile. You may be able to restore your presige/stats, it could be as simple as playing the game, or restoring from a save, but that's just me guessing.

                              I have seen these stolen prestiges in lobbies as recently as yesterday. Reported them of course.


                              The real "hack" would have been how he got your info in the first place. My guess would be through some sort of phishing scheme. I've come across one of those, and it was from an app from a major first party company's app store. Be careful, and when in doubt, change your password to be safe.


                              Hope you get everything back.


                              Good Luck

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                              Re: My account stats are gone, help plz!

                              Hey there Apollo!


                              We see that you have worked out some of the issues you experienced. We also created a case for you if you need any more assistance and a little more information. To respond or update the case sign into support.activision.com and select my support at the top of the page then select my cases.  One of our agents will be happy to assist you ^BM

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