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    No Aus lobbies anymore or is it just me?

      So after a few months I decided to go and play Ghosts on the XBONE because the BO2 lobbies where horrendous and also the new maps where out. I did a 3gig update and got on and went straight into a TDM lobby it searched up two "good" games and put me in the second one. The host migrated soon after I got in (since when was this in the game LOL.) Two teammates where talking to each another and they where American and they where saying that the host was British WTF. Did this game go international because of the lack of Aus players and players in general or is there something wrong here haha. Decided to play for a while then I watched this killcam because I was sure I was well around the corner before he had fully killed me. It just showed me standing there ... like a dork frozen. The guys where saying that the enemy team was "cheating" I thought it was a dodgy lobby so I left and got into another one...... this lobby was even WORSE couldn't kill one person that saw me and my character was jittering around.


      So I was just wondering if there something up with one of my settings or has Infinity Ward blew it for the Australian community or are there actual cheaters in my games. I kinda liked the game but this is ridiculous it was playable but this is .... hopeless. I have a 1mb upload as well and I'm hearing that is well and truly enough to play a CoD game. Hope I didn't rant to much just trying to figure out this mess. I've never had this much trouble with Ghosts.