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    DLC-only Matchmaking?

      So I've noticed something recently. For the past few months, I've been playing reinforce and team tactical a lot with the same group of friends. We all had the seasons pass except for one person, but that person got the pass last week also.


      Ever since he downloaded the maps, I've noticed that EVERY game I go into has DLC maps. I'm not saying we only play on the DLC maps, but there's always at least one in the choices pregame every time.


      This normally wouldn't be a problem since I like SOME of the maps anyways, but the thing is, we can only find other players who also have the DLC. Sometimes it takes over 5 minutes just to find a game. Also, I've noticed that when we have a full team, we never get put into a different lobby, but only bring in an enemy team. This makes it even longer to find a game.


      Is anyone else having this issue? Earlier we waited over 10 minutes in the pre-game lobby before getting frustrated and just quit. We had like 1 person join in every few minutes, but they would also get tired of waiting and leave, restarting the whole process. We've never had a problem with this before the last friend in our group got the DLC, since we would only find default map matches and be put in almost instantly.

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          Re: DLC-only Matchmaking?

          Matchmaking works by searching for players that have similar map packs as you. There are way less players with the DLC than those without, therefore you will likely end up playing the same players over and over again. Also you have a reduced pool of players and that adds to the difficulty of matchmaking.

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            Re: DLC-only Matchmaking?

            DocChoi is 100% correct about the DLC.

            One more thing to concider is how matchmaking is currently working when playing in a party. From what I've seen, when you are playing solo, or in a party with all members located close to you, games are found more quickly, and there is relitively little lag. However, if a single member in your party is located far away or in a different region, matchmaking takes much longer, and you will have much greater lag, as well as getting matched with the same players over and over.  If you've played online games before, this makes sense, and is what you would expect for Peer to Peer connections. That said, ghosts only started behaving this way over the last month. I believe the cause is that the Dedicated servers are no longer used for Ghosts, meaning it is now running P2P.

            edit: I cant say all of Ghosts's dedicated servers have been taken offline, but I'm relatively certain there are far less now than a few months ago.

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