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    Modern Warfe 3 Tournemant (ps3)

      Hey there guys,


      Me and some of my friends will be making a tournement on mw3, team of 4 people, 16 teams in total.

      You have to join as a team.


      The game modes that we will be playing are:



      Drop Zone (without carepackages being dropped, and with killstreak on)


      The maps we will be playing on are:





      The rules are:

      No mk14, no dragunov/rsass

      No Claymore, Bounching Betty, and C4

      No Scrambler, Tac insert or portable radar

      No Recon

      No Assasin

      No Sitrep and no Marksman

      No Assault or Support killstreaks

      No Recon, Marksman or Sitrep as specialist unlock

      No other deathstreak then juicec

      No Damage proficiency

      No Akimbo's, Heartbeat Sensor, Rapid Fire or Grenade Launcher on any weapon


      To participate, send me a message on skype (thomaskempe11) telling me you want to compete, and what your team will be