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    Please Allow Offline (No Internet) Private Matches

      Since Ghosts is nearing the end of its life cycle due to its lukewarm reception and because Advanced Warfare is due in less than two months, I am asking TPTB at Activision / Infinity Ward to please patch Ghosts, so we can play the Private Match (with humans against humans, humans vs. bots, etc.) without being connected to the internet on PC.


      There are already two forms of DRM in Ghosts if you bought it on PC:



      -Activision Authentication Servers


      So, even if you just want to play you vs. bots (or human vs. human) in Private Match, you still have to have some kind of internet connection to contact the CoD servers which a lot of people may not have if they travel a lot to remote locations... Like active duty military personnel just to name a few.


      Many will say this request is redundant since if you have Steam, then you have to have an internet connection already, but this is false. Steam allows you to go into Offline mode and any SP games that don't require authentication function normally like SP games used to before all this DRM came into being.




      Please patch Ghosts to make Private Match on the PC an true offline mode where even if there is no internet connection you can still play against bots, or other humans on a local LAN without having to log into the authentication servers.