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    Recent change affecting gameplay?

      Hi all,


      In the past 2 - 3 weeks this game has become increasingly frustrating. I have had the game since release and have become quite good. My KDR 3 weeks ago was sitting at 2.52 (average 3+ per game) and my win loss ratio was 3. But in recent weeks my hit detection has dropped off significantly to the point where in most cases 30 rounds are not enough to kill the player I am shooting at. Yet, that same player is able to drop me with 1 or 2 hitmarkers to the shoulder or knee. Now, as I said I have become quite good so 9 times out of 10 I get the drop on another player shoot him first, do no damage and die instead. The kill cam backs up what I am doing "live" but I just get no value form my shots. Now my KDR has slipped to 2.4 and my win loss has shrunk also. It is not uncommon for me to be shooting someone in the back, not kill him, then have him turn and kill me. I am in a clan and some of the others have started to experience similar issues as me. It is almost like the game is ignoring the majority of what I am doing and punishing me in some way for being better than most I play against. It is pathetic that the game appears to be granting an advantage to players with KDR's of 0.3 or 0.4 simply due to me being better than them. As I said, the game has become massivley frustrating and I find myslef constantly pulling my hair out when confronted with these WTF moments time after time.


      I wonder how many others have experienced similar issue to me in recent weeks?


      I lokk forward to your replies.

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          Re: Recent change affecting gameplay?

          Hi man, Same here.

          The exact Same issues i have too.

          The problem is the connection and fps ingame. They  patched the game so that it look like it runs smooth but That's not true.

          Good example is when you download something with fullspeed in background the game runs smooth as hell. But you will not get any hitmarkers.

          I say that they patched they game so that all the kiddies with pocket pc's have the Same experience that you have.

          These 2 combinations are worst combi ever. 

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              Re: Recent change affecting gameplay?

              Same like formula 1. Teams with Good equiqment and knowledge how to get a good car togheter are punished the same way.  They downgrade the good teams to give the less good team better chances to win.

              Same like us who have a good rig and fast Internet get punished with frame lock and now with these **** connections the game is complete crap.

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              Re: Recent change affecting gameplay?

              the same exact lagg problem i and my clan mates have in last 2 weeks and its becoming even worse

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                Re: Recent change affecting gameplay?

                The reason is because the player base is dying, so that means less player PCs to play on.


                This game never had dedicated servers, so whenever you play, you are playing on somebody's computer! That is straight out of the 1990s, but that is how consoles work, and IW never delivered on the dedicated servers for PC they promised.


                They also never included a proper ping indicator (numbers, not bars), so you are most likely playing on a subpar machine across the ocean located on a third-world island someplace. I don't mean to be elitist, but this is the nature of Peer to Peer gaming.


                So, this game is dying, but hopefully Advanced  Warfare on PC will be a much better game technically speaking? We can only hope...

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