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    Camping vs Camper

      Players hate when they are killed by someone that saw them first or that they didn't see at all. But to instantly call someone a 'camper' because they just happen to be waiting for you, discredits that player for having the ability to know you where coming. So what's the difference between Camping and a Camper? Well, a Camper is someone that waits for that unsuspecting victim to eventually come to their area to get an easy kill. But Camping is the tactic of taking a defensive position when an encounter is imminent and/or highly likely.

      Basically ALL players use a camping tactic at some point during a match but its the players that do it for a majority of the match that are the Campers.

      When I see a player taking a predictable route you can bet your ass I'm going to be camping the other end waiting for them. So just because the kill-cam doesn't show that I saw you coming doesn't mean I'm a camper.

      So please leave the 'camper' comments for the guy in some random area that is still there when you go for revenge because that won't be me.

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          Re: Camping vs Camper

          It's so lame to blurt out "camper" as an excuse for a death. Lag is understandable at times, but complaining about a tactic that, as cheap as it can be, is legitimate and doesn't involve modifying the game and cheats.


          The concept of camping in FPS will never go away. When it really means someone in an obscure area aiming down sights waiting for someone to walk by, it becomes the label for anyone taking cover behind a box or wall, taking a good vantage point and mowing people down with a LMG or Sniper/Marksman Rifle.


          Shoot...its being cried out because in Advanced Warfare there exists an Exosuit ability called Cloak that gives you partial invisibility like those optical suits in Black Ops 2 campaign. It drains your Exosuit battery pretty fast, not to mention again its only PARTIAL invisibility, so if you look carefully you can spot someone using Cloak.


          Just goes to show how entitled people can feel this generation.

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            Re: Camping vs Camper

            He paid $60 for the game, so, once he paid for it he has all the right to do whatever he want (except hacking). Everyone complains about campers and trickshotters, but what can I do? What can you do? Report them just because they're camping? Camping, as I know, isn't a cheating purpose, so it won't make a difference if you report them or not because they're not broking the IW rules.

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                Re: Camping vs Camper

                I don't think anyone was talking about reporting anyone. It seems more like they were differentiating actual camping versus people who call strategic players campers.


                I.E. Someone aiming down sights at a doorway for extended periods of time, versus someone who ducks into a corner to reload, sees someone while there and kills them.

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                Re: Camping vs Camper

                I'm convinced that if CoD had never implemented the kill-cam, this community would never know the term camper. I am also convinced that a majority of the lag complaints and such wouldn't happen. Kill-cam's don't show the true story, but people take them literal. I'd say 75% of the commong complaints of CoD originate from kill-cams.


                As stated above, the kill cam just shows a couple of seconds before the kill. I could have ran to the area, knew you were coming, and waited (only for a couple of seconds) for you to come by and kill you. To the person that got killed, based on the kill-cam, it looks like you were just sitting there, and they assume you were sitting there the entire game just waiting for them to walk by.


                I like the way Battlefield 4's after kill-cam works. Highlights the player after the kill. Still gives the person who has been killed an idea of where the killer killed them from, but doesn't give a false since of how you were killed.

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