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      there should be a box you click to decide if you want to play with or against or not at all with spilt screeners

      no like or want to play with little kids that dont no how to aim or read a map they should not be able to play in a mutiplayer lobby until they know how to play or until they have a kdr above 1.0 if we had an o[ption to play with or with ouy it would make up coming games more fun to plAy and less hostile no one wants to yell at little kids but it happens cuz they are playing with adults when they shouldnt be that is why it a nc17 game so take the option out make a click box that take them out of game and put them in there own lobby


          the answer ur looking for is NO!!!...i go over family members house sometimes & play with my lil cousins & we use split screens & i like to use the 2nd controller so when ppl like u see splt screeners they think they have a easy win which is far from the truth


            Split screen should be an offline feature only!


              Or everybody could simply get over it. Split-screeners aren't the end of the world. Everybody plays with/against them. I've played with split-screeners who have out-played the majority of other players in the lobby. If you want to get rid of split-screeners because they can't aim, why aren't you complaining about the kids who play solo and get 2 kills and 21 deaths or 2 kills and 21 deaths with 0 captures? There are plenty of bad players on every game with an online multiplayer component. It's just something you'll have to learn to live with.

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                I agree with the others on this. I have no problem with split screeners. It enables this game to be enjoyed when friends are over. You sound like you have a problem with underage children playing the game not split screeners. There is a big difference. As long as parents are buying this game to appease their underage children you will just have to deal with it. As for split screeners I, like Gunnerman677 stated, have played with and against split screeners that have demolished everyone else in the lobby. Rethink your argument. What is your question by the way? You marked this as a question which I fail to see in your thread.

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                  This is such a dumb argument. Getting rid of split screening does not get rid of inexperienced players. All it does is get rid of the little (1) next to the name. Heck, you can log into two accounts on one PS, and you'll never even know they are split screening. Plus, you can and will have solo players that are just as bad or worse than a split screener anyways. What the difference?


                  So you ban split screening, and that new player just plays on a separate PS, in a party, instead...

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                      True, getting rid of split screeners doesn't get rid of inexperienced players. But in 95% of the matches I've played where splite screeners are in the lobby, the lag is horrendous.

                      I agree with everyone else's sentiments on inexperienced players, they paid for the game, they deserve to play as much as anyone else. Plus, it's just fun to sneak upon them and do bad things to them. But for me the lag is terrible with split screeners. Everyone I play with says the same. Maybe it's just us.

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                      then what about the people who like to play with their significant other? I like to play with my hubby, and the only way we can both play together is with the spiltscreen.

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                        Surely, its an even situation here. I mean, if split-screener newbies are playing on your teams, then tough luck but you're going to have to play better to balance out the inexperience of team. However, when the opposing team has this, then you're more likely to benefit from their inexperience so it shouldn't matter eitherway. What they should have is an option to play without parties. Because odds are, the entire opposing team could be veterans from gold division clan wars and absolutely pub stomp you.