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    Not letting me play online on ghost ?

      I have been all day trying to play online on cod ghost but i have also black opps 2 and black opps 2 i could play online so what happening with cod ghost thats not letting me play online with my friends been all day trying and anything can someone please help me out here i want to play ghost online

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          Re: Not letting me play online on ghost ?

          same here. can't figure it out

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            Re: Not letting me play online on ghost ?

            Hi gabydoo,


            If you're not able to play online, I have some suggestions that you can try:


            • When you go to Multiplayer menu, wait for about 1 minute before going online.
            • You can also try to delete your profile and put it back.
            • Another thing is to power cycle. To do this, turn off your console and your router then unplug their cables from the outlet. Then, wait for 5 minutes before plugging them back and turning them on. This has to be done so that the activities on both devices will be refreshed.
            • Here's another one. Do Port Forwarding. This will open up your ports so that you can easily connect to the game. To do this, you can try following these steps from this article: Activision Support (Port Forward and NAT FAQ)


            Hope these steps will help. Thanks.

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