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    Broken matchmaking in pubs and league play

      Why is it that every time I go into a game, I get put with the biggest noobs, there's already a Vsat up or a Lodestar, and we are 40 points down. How are you even supposed to play solo and even win a game unless you play free for all? Even when I get put in lobbies before the match starts, it scrambles all the players, and yet again, because I have a high kd and spm, I'm put with all the scrubs.


      A good example of this is league play. CTF on Aftermath. I run straight for the flag, get the flag, then I look on the mini map. All my team are camping in the spawn. I get killed and we lose, This happens all the time and it's so frustrating. What are players who can't even go positive in public games doing in league play anyway? Especially as they don't even play the objective. Another example - league play again, same story,with a bunch of noobs again, It's Domination. Right at the start, I say over the mic "everyone rush B" multiple times. What do my team do? They all camp in the spawn apart from one guy who tried to help me out. Lost that game too.


      I'm absolutely fed up with this crap. It's hard to find good players to party up with, although I have found a few. It seems like you just can't win playing solo. I think if they bring back League Play they should have some sort of noob division. Like if you can't even go positive, you play with the other noobs. Fed up with having to carry the entire team every game.


      Last week I went 65-5 in kill confirmed and we still lost. I even saved it in theatre mode because it was so ridiculous. Unbelievable.

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          Re: Broken matchmaking in pubs and league play

          think it may have somthing to do with a high k/d.


          mine is 1.62 and my win/lose ratio dropped from 1.20 to 0.77


          I play alot of search and destroy and almost always have 2 people on my team who end the game with zero kills and 4 to 7 deaths. and probably win only 25% of games now even when im the top scorer from both teams.


          I don't mind now I just got used to it, im happy to be in the top 3 players.


          Same in capture the flag last game I played I whent 38/3 with 8 defends and 2 captures and still lost the game LOL.


          I just accept it's going to happen anyway just enjoy the game.


          I suggest you find a clan to team up with.

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            Re: Broken matchmaking in pubs and league play

            A Tip is to join a friends game when the are in a pre game lobby so u get better people to play with and ur either VS or playing with ur friends always works for me I joined a mates pre-game and that game I went 28-7 with sniper and he went 9-11 so it's hard for them but easy for you and try and make them a friend that's quite a low level. HOPE IT HELPS!!

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