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    camping is legit play style so grow a pair and stop whining

      it seems like almost every game theres always that one guy who everytime he dies falls to the sound of the death cry "CAMPER" if i get killed by a camper is it my fault or his, thats right its my own stupid fault for not being more observant, a sniper rifle is meant for long distance shots from a fixed position, a ghillie suit is designed for concealment, a lmg is a defensive weapon used for covering paths and holding back attackers, so why do people complain when they are used in such a way, some people on here say that a fps game is not meant to be played in that way, well thats a load of bull, play squads give a squad member a sniper loadout and he will act like a sniper, give him a lmg and he will cover flanking positions if you give him the right loadout with the right perks, and lets face it squad members dont care about kd they play the game the way the game is supposed to be played, and by the way when someone shouts camper all we hear is boo hoo your to good for me, a good player will either avoid the area denying him kills or frag his ass

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          Re: camping is legit play style so grow a pair and stop whining

          I like the frag method .  Beyond that I say that worrying about what someone calls you or what they think of your play style in a video game is pretty pointless.  Nobody likes to die and yes most of our deaths are our own fault.  Nobody likes that fact either.  Well almost nobody.  So when I hear the other guy raging, I just take it as a job well done.  When I get dropped by a camper (ie somebody I just wasn't expecting), sometimes I'll tell him that he had better move because I'm coming to kill him.  Then when I kill him.  I say, "I told you to move" even though I know that he can't hear me.  I like to think that he's thinking it though.  In the end, I'm having fun and that's all that matters.

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            Re: camping is legit play style so grow a pair and stop whining

                                                                           The do's and don'ts of camping

                                                      DO                                                                                              DON'T


              USE IEDs PESPONSIBLY                                                           CAMP WITH ABOVE WEAPONS IN TEAM DEATHMATCH OR KILL CONFERMED


              GET OFF YOU ASS ONCE IN A WHILE                                      CAMP YOUR ASS OFF

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              Re: camping is legit play style so grow a pair and stop whining

              dont get me wrong i love a good rager i find it funny but when they start accusing you of being a cheat and reporting people for the simple reason that they are not as good as the imagine they are in there own heads and then there are the voice and text messaging that follows, when did cod appoint run and gunners all that is right in the game, people using cover are not doing it because they are afraid of dying they prefer a more realistic stealthy gameplay and if you have a good position locked down with a good line of sight and cover why not use it to your advantage rather than run around like a headless chicken hoping that when you run around a corner your aim assist will do the job for you, ive seen so many times people getting kills by just squeezing the trigger rather than learning to take a shot, they normally have marathon and agility equipped so they can keep on moving to the next spray and pray, thats ok if you have fast reflexes because thats all it takes as very little skill is involved because if they had the skill they wouldnt be complaining about campers

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