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    Looking for good Extinction players who play often

      I'm looking to earn some teeth by getting the completionist trophy.

      I'd like to make some new friends who are good at working at all challenges and who do not run relics, or more than a couple anyway.

      I'm not the kinda guy whose going to back out if we fail a challenge. I'm easy to get along with.

      I don't care if you have a mic, sometimes I turn mine off anyway.

      I do not currently have any map packs downloaded on my Playstation.

      If we play together often I will keep my eye out for particular attachments that you prefer, if you do the same. (Ex.: If you're favorite attachment is a red dot sight and mine is a rapid fire, I'll holler if I find a red dot and you holler if you find a rapid fire.)

      All I ask for from a fellow gamer is some common sense and maybe a sense of humor.

      Send me a friend request or a message, I don't get on this site as often as I do my PS3.

      Hope to hear from you so we can kick some cryptid ass.

      My PSN is my_AK_in_ur_face