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    Recent changes to public zombies??

      So simple question has anyone else noticed people joining in your public matches after the game has started? If so how long has this been active? Honestly I normally have a full team going into a leaderboard lobby but people have been scarace last couple of days so I jumped in a public lobby w one friend we found couple guys wanting to do ee so we was helping them then at about rnd 14 one of them disconnects or times out and boom they get replaced w someone new from public search. Needless to say the other guy gave up at like round 17 and hes replaced with a new player?? What does this do to our leaderboard games? If open slots are filled how can I get a 2person leaderboard game? Could this be what Jimmy was saying is up n running? With no update?? So confused......lol

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          Re: Recent changes to public zombies??

          It's been going on since release, it's just that it doesn't happen a lot (to me that is). I have gotten into games that were in sessions.

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            Re: Recent changes to public zombies??

            i never saw a player joingin during a session or i never joined a game that was already busy.

            Probably you werent in a public match but in a custom game.

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              Re: Recent changes to public zombies??

              I haven't had anyone join my games before but I have been put into other people's games a few times. It usually happens when I back out of pre game lobbies quickly and search for a new one straight away, most of the time it will just drag me into another pre game lobby but now and again it put me into to a game that's already in progress. The first time it happened to me was when Die Rise first came out.


              If you want a 2 player leaderboard then the easiest way to get into a 2 player game is to get both of you to sign in a guest account on a spare controller and then sign them out just before the countdown finishes.

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