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    Can't find any multiplayer public matches :(

      I am a big fan of cod bo2 but ever since I bought the DLC Revolution I can't find any public matches.

      I am using a PS3, I tried switching to a wired connection and also changing the search preferences, nothing.

      All I can do is join friend matches if I can find any, but the servers are mostly full.

      This is ruining my gaming experience and I hoped I can find help here

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          Re: Can't find any multiplayer public matches :(

          When having the DLC's on your ps3 it searches for them now depending were your at maby a low population place it may be harder to find lobbies but have you reset your router? ( if you have one) or  modem what works for me if its a nat type problem i switch to zombies load a game and quit it then multilayer and mine works no problem but ive gotten rid of my maps due to the fact of how slow the match finding became unlike MW3 there is no way to disable them in game to search for the original maps if it becomes a problem and you dont like the zombies  go onto your ps3 and delete the game data utility black ops 2 data will mean you need to update the game and install it but if its downloaded from PSN store u will have to re download it hope this helped or find friends without maps like me

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