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    Should the future of gaming look back on the past for inspiration

      Do you feel that newly developed games and all there focus on flash to catch the eye and your wallet has ruined the quality of games? I think ever since gaming has become mainstream and a cash cow developers are more in it for the quick buck then the actual quality of the games. Just look at recent releases of first person shooter games, they all seem rushed. battlefield 4 for instance wasn't even completed on release it feels like it's in beta stage.  I'm a cod4 fanboy and I feel that something in old games like this lie the goods for future top sellers.

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          Re: Should the future of gaming look back on the past for inspiration

          Yes I think they should look to the past but I disagree with the part about rushing games.  Some of the best multiplayer games were simple because they were rushed.


          Halo CE had a multiplayer component thrown in right before they shipped the game just as an afterthought and that multiplayer spawned LAN parties all over the country even to this day.  Halo 2 also had a somewhat rushed multiplayer but is considered the greatest of the series.  After that they started putting more thought and time into development and added all this unnecessary crap to the games.


          Call of Duty 4 is usually considered a fan favorite and that was the first modern COD with a simple structure to the multiplayer.


          Simplicity is the answer.


          Halo has actually done this and listened to their fans so they are bringing back the old Halo games.  I doubt Call of Duty will ever do that though.

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            Re: Should the future of gaming look back on the past for inspiration

            I think that Developers need to remember the basics when it comes to making games. Is it Fun? Is it Challenging? Does it have replay value?

            CoD4 had all of that... and people look back at that game with Rose-colored glasses as if it never had any issues at all. I loved that game, don't get me wrong, but it had it's share of issues just like any CoD game.


            The community's desire for Developers to bring back old games gimps the progress of gaming. Developers can't innovate, because the community *demands* things they liked in old games. Look at DLC in recent games. They keep feeding us rehashed/reskinned MultiPlayer maps.and for some reason the community accepts it.


            There is a CoD mindset that the last game was the best game. People don't adapt to the new game, they can't pull the same tricks, they can't run the same exploits.. so they trash it. They go back and play the last one.


            So Developers are afraid to innovate. They feel tied down by the community's wants and needs and instead of giving us something new and fresh... they bring back stale ideas.


            They are even bringing back old games... games people have played over and over again.. and those people are going to pay for those games... again.


            The games aren't the problem... they are a symptom of the problem. The problem is, and always has been, us.

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                Re: Should the future of gaming look back on the past for inspiration

                Fan feedback is something that I feel is a big part of the fall of the quality of the cod series to be honest.  They keep trying to please fans that we ended up with this arcade game call of duty series Taylor made for the once a week so so online gamer.

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                  Re: Should the future of gaming look back on the past for inspiration

                  Calling for old features doesn't necessarily hold back gaming.  If they bring back a better game, then that is a good thing.  What 343i is doing with Halo is a huge experiment and will largely show us if this strategy works.  Personally, I would take Halo 2 over Halo 4 any day and the same goes for World at War and Black Ops over Ghosts.  I don't care how old a game is, only how good a game is.  There are plenty of other gamers who share this attitude, but would it be enough to make games?  I don't know, but Halo will show us in a few months.


                  Maybe you don't like re-made maps but most of the community does and that is why they make them.  I would much rather play the remake to Firing Range than some random big map.


                  The whole COD mindset of "the last COD was better" is not as common as you make it out to be.  It is true right now, sure, because more people play Black Ops 2 than Ghosts, but that is a rare occasion.  When Black Ops 2 was at its peak, sure there were complainers, but Modern Warfare 3 was not even close to Black Ops 2 in population.  So that mindset is not an every year occurrence.


                  Of course developers are afraid to innovate.  They have a fan base and if they change too much they will alienate that fan base.  Just look at what happened to Halo when Halo Reach and then Halo 4 came out.  They made drastic changes and people stopped playing the games.


                  You say developers are bringing back old games that we have played over and over again, and that we are going to buy those games.  You say that like it is a bad thing.  I cannot wait until Halo 2 comes out again.  Are you saying that is somehow a bad thing?  To want to play my favorite game of all time again online?


                  The players are not the problem.  Sure there are going to be complainers and it can be tough to sort out the complainers from the legitimate players on the internet.  But these developers do this for a living and they need to be able to do just that.  They need to listen more to their actual fans and not the whiners on the outside that don't even buy their games.

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                  Re: Should the future of gaming look back on the past for inspiration

                  i think ghosts have got it right as far as making a great looking game the maps look good, you can play as fan favourite characters from past campaigns through dlcs plus the customization uniforms etc make for a better looking game, i know some people dont agree with paying for dlcs but at the end of the day its a business and if they make money then they can release better looking games, ive got almost 24hrs of gameplay clocked up on ghosts so i feel i got my moneys worth, i think character customization is a great thing, i know it doesnt effect gameplay but its cool to feel like you own your own character and its brilliant in squads creating your own team look, iw have got it right black ops and the upcoming aw the maps look boring and amateur and lack any imagination

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                    Re: Should the future of gaming look back on the past for inspiration

                    If anything, I would like them to put the game out every other year like the Gran Tarismo series..


                    Think of it this way, if your favorite band put out an album every year would it start to get old and boring? Most likely.

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                      Re: Should the future of gaming look back on the past for inspiration

                      My view is that gaming changes with society and available technology, as does everything else which is commercial in nature.


                      The generations growing up now live it seems on social media sites and mobile phones, inter-activity between live people seems to be dwindling. When I was in my later teens we all went to the pub, nearly every night. Not to drink alcohol but as a meeting place, to talk, to meet girls, play pool, discuss our motorbikes and rally cars.


                      But someone with 500/1000/2000/5000 friends on Face book in reality has no friends, they're acquaintances at best but mostly they're not friends.


                      Me, I am obviously old compared to the average age on here which must mostly be about a month older than a sperm. For me the future of gaming will be a fully 3d surround sound, full head gear wearing, immersive experience where you can play a game by yourself or with your electronic 'friends'. The question has to be will a well written electronic 'friend' really be any different from 'Bob in Toronto' who you've also only ever met via Face book or similar? Let's be honest, the first company that can provide some form of 'inclusive sexual experience' at some level, will make Thousands of $Billions over night.


                      Games are rapidly becoming not the just the entertainment opiate of young people and the more all of us become insular in life, the more that will change gaming.


                      The COD/Forza/Dirt that get's produced in 2080 or maybe even sooner, is going to be truly amazing, pity I won't see it.

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