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    is xbox360 ghosts haunted

      of course its not but i was playing tdmhc last week on containment and even though there are no kill cams sometimes you still see the person who shot you, i was running along when all of a sudden a guy appears in front of me and shoots and as i fall i see the guy disappear in front of me again, a few minutes later i get shot in the back which seemed like someone spawned behind me because id just ran along that alley but the ghostly killer disappeared again as i watched myself fall, i can honestly say i never ever get lag in a game so i gave the guy the benefit of the doubt and said nothing, then on siege the same guy killed me again in the middle of the map i respawned inside the mine and he was behind me again so again i respawn at the back where everyone stays during infected and i get killed again by the same guy, yesteday i was on pharoh and this guy is back there was no lag but a few times i went to shoot him he wasnt were he was but seemed to reappear a few feet to where he was and shoot me, twice i got the drop on him was just about to shoot and all of a sudden im aiming into the air and supprise supprise he shoots me, then i got him and i realised it was when he couldnt see me so i decided to camp my ass off and managed to get this guy time and time again, i went on youtube to see if i could find a video on signs of cheating, i havent seen any of this in games before so its a bit of a coincidence  that its the same guy everytime, anyone else have this happen to them