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    Official Extinction Myth and Legend Thread

      So, I've been playing quite some time and without fail, I always run into lobbies where randoms are always spewing out the latest myth/legend that they heard in their previous games. I've read numerous threads on here such as propane tanks on hives (one at a time or all), repairing the drill vs. not repairing (affects score), spinning to revive or repair faster (which is fiction by the way), bouncing bettys damaging the drill, and numerous others.


      I guess sometimes it's funny because of the rage, but after awhile it's very laborious.  What others have you heard and want to dispel? Please lets keep this to fact and not "I heard" as this forum is searched quite a bit for answers. Let's keep the 'teeth earned" debate for another thread.

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          1. Re: Official Extinction Myth and Legend Thread

          Did bouncing bettys stop damaging the drill?

          Last Edited: Aug 26, 2014 5:45 AM
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            2. Re: Official Extinction Myth and Legend Thread

            no if shot by scorpions they destroy about 30+ drill health

            Last Edited: Aug 26, 2014 6:57 AM
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              no they still Damage the drill 

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                Throwing all the propanes on the Drill just makes a big BOOM, but 1 at a time does more dam over time(Fire) plus having VHS(Sniper Dead eye) goes really freaking fast. Repairing the Drill doesn't affect score, but it getting hit you lose Score. Betties will annihilate the drill, unless they finally fixed it.


                The other 1 I hate the most "Take more Dam" people claiming it affects everyone but it doesn't, I'v even tested it. People want everyone to stand still so they won't get the "don't get hit" challenge. Buy the Heli at the end before starting the Nuke, even tho the Heli DOES THE EXACT SAME THING when you don't buy it.

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                  5. Re: Official Extinction Myth and Legend Thread

                  I absolutely hate when people think that Take More Damage affects everyone. You will definitely know when you have take more damage on. I always play with Take More Damage on because I feel that it makes you a better player if you get used to it. From my experience, the people who complain about it are never the Medics. The source of the contestation about the relic is when a Medic is the armor person. They always complain about people needing armor, but fail to realize that the medic doesn't take scorpion cloud damage and can run away from trouble more often.

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                    6. Re: Official Extinction Myth and Legend Thread

                    This is why I always recommend that a WS runs armor because they will have a better gauge of the team's need for armor than a medic.

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                      I usually do No Machines, & run Armor & ammo.

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                        I`ve had my drill health drop from 125 to 0 when shot by scorpions with bb`s by drill.

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                          9. Re: Official Extinction Myth and Legend Thread

                          Great topic, thanks for creating it. Here is my list of 'pet peeve' myths and legends that I hear/see over and over, some of which are already noted here...


                          • On POC, anything anyone tells you to do at the start to influence the presentation of the first challenge (lie down, genuflect, crowd the hive, plant immediately after the chopper leaves) - when it is obviously a completely random proposition
                          • Basic literacy: the meaning and pronunciation of "melee"; the meaning of "hypno" as in "hypnotize," not "hypo" (as in, presumably, "hypodermic"; the term "leper," as a reference to a poor cryptid who's uniquely unlike and unliked by the others, and not a "leaper" (as in, presumably, one that jumps about)... the fracturing of terms which is also noted here:                   Re: More fun wtf moments in extinction              
                          • Spinning - to revive, to repair the drill: this one is my personal favourite because it defies logic, coding, and common sense. As far as I can figure, what the spinners are experiencing (in addition to vertigo) is an optical illusion that appears to make the horizontal progress bar move faster. If the bar was vertical rather than horizontal, how much do you want to bet this one never would have gotten started in the first place?
                          • Searching 1 - searching a particular way increases the chances of getting a specific attachment(s). To clarify, as long as someone searches after a primary is in play (most preferably one that can take all attachments, like an AR) it doesn't matter who searches what
                          • Searching 2 - further to the above, there's no magic formula for master scavengers to find arks, or extended mags, either...
                          • That the "take more damage" relic affects anyone other than the player who equips it. Blame the developer for poor copy writing in inadvertently pluralizing "players", but really, blame anyone who doesn't have the common sense to admit that none of the effects of the other relics transfer to other players - so why would this one???
                          • That the floating tesla effect on Mayday is the easter egg. The unfortunate outcome of propagating the myth that the tesla orb was it, is that people stopped looking. I'm not being critical because honestly, I'm as much in the dark as anyone on this. It's just that the egg on that map can't have been found yet because the ones on all the other maps work the same
                          • That all of the  armoury upgrades make a  discernible difference. Here I am referring to these specific upgrades, with the test being that I doubt the player would notice if s/he turned one or all of them off accidentally before starting a game: "high grade" AP and incendiary ammo, damage upgrade, stun armour, armoured sentry guns, seeker explosion protection, no snare, toughness
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