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    Will A Refund Petition Work

      I do believe that the new COD Advance Warfare is not as original as they are saying it is with all these new great ways to fight, jumping high in the air, boosting fast to the left/right, invisible suit, endless ammo, etc. As said in some of my other posts all the new modes of fighting have been seen in every hack done in MW2, MW3, BOPS 1 & 2 etc, which is why I believe the developers are either part of the hacking or like the hacking, as they can study and create stolen ideas that they then call there own and basically sell us on 04/11/2014 COD Advance Hack Warfare, for £40 plus and then boast about breaking records etc.


      I could not really care about the invisible hack as it just demonstrates how rubbish someone actually is at playing MW3 that they have to cheat, but when I have to hear this hacker boasting about how he will come top in the next ten games, if we dont like his cheating then leave the party, only to rejoin and end right back in the same party, then you have other people actually going wow can I send you a friend request as they want to cheat also, it kind of makes me feel i have wasted my hard earned cash. What makes it even worse is when people are telling the hacker that they are reporting him, he says "go ahead it does nothing, hundreds of people have reported me, it does nothing so F off" I am like wow, this guy boast about cheating and does not care, he even threatened another player saying he would hack there account and get there details so he could give them a slap, just shows you how stupid these hackers are live on air, over a microphone for everyone to hear.


      I have reported this guy for the last two weeks and as of today 26/08/2014 at 13:12hours UK time this idiot is still online ruining the game for others and proud of it.


      IW, Activision & Sledgehammer might be avoiding and not doing anything so we all go out and buy the latest COD to hit the streets, but if Advance Warfare in my eyes sucks like BOPS and Ghosts (just my opinion), then i will still be looking to now and again play some MW3, even though i purchased a PS4 and so far i am not impressed.


      Right my question to everyone on this forum is, would a petition help us to get a refund? if we get enough signatures or members together, if these hackers are allowed to carry on there exploits without any action being taken from reporting them. I estimate MW3 cost me in the region of £90.00 thats the original game and the map packs. If i could get a refund from the developers then you know what i will happily use the money to get Advance Warfare, and when then is hacked to death then I will start another petition, bottom line, why should i keep spending my money on a product that only lasts 2 years.


      Someone from IW, Activision or Sledgehammer needs to answer or give us some reason as to why nothing is being done about hackers.


      Heres my support


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          Re: Will A Refund Petition Work

          We dont name and shame here on the forums. Though its sad that hackers have plagued older CODs, you and I both still have to follow forum policy to be allowed to post here. Please remove his name.

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              Re: Will A Refund Petition Work

              Name has been removed as instructed, and this is a very sad thing


              Several post about hacking on this forum and no one has even indicated or responded to my post or come up with a better idea, as to be honest I was just trying to see if I can get rid of these idiot hackers by any means necessary as its annoying and i thought people felt the same.


              Forum rules are forum rules but what would be good is a post that names all hackers so if one day the developers do take an interest and want to do something about this horrible situation they could log on to this forum, look at the list and cancel accounts.


              I know you state that this is one of the old CODs, but to be honest and i know you are not saying this, it does not give the developers an excuse not to do anything unless the PS3/PS4 is only for the rich. I know several people to this day who cannot afford to buy brand new games, so hunt down the classics, or cannot afford to buy a PS4 and are still buying the PS3 as they are waiting for a new batch of Next Gen games to come out on the PS4, not the same old stuff i.e COD, FIFA, etc. i Have a PS4 and prefer MW3 to Ghosts, just my preference. But a friend of mine who purchased a PS3 last week mainly as a bluray player asked me what games are good, He only started playing MW3 last week, so its new to him and when i had to explain to him that you can not reach a level in the game that makes you invisible/invincible its people hacking and cheating he was surprised as well as disgusted.


              As long as these games are still available on the market and the servers are still up and operational something needs to be done and it is unacceptable at present what the developers are allowing to happen and the nasty attitude these hackers have.


              That is my rant for the day back to MW3 multiplayer Team Deathmatch

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                  Re: Will A Refund Petition Work

                  Yeah, I know it sucks. But still rules are rules. If you recorded the gameplay somehow, you can submit it to Booster Busters on Youtube, they help in getting hackers banned. Activision should hire another team to special in updating the older CODs. I know the studios arent going back to fix them. Activision isnt really poor by any means, I dont see a fault in hiring a team to patch older CODs.


                  The reason why there isnt "naming and shaming" here on the forums is because it was abused in the past.

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