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    Static ip question?

      Hey all just a quick question I know a little off topic,

      i'm in the process of moving home, and when my fibre gets reconnected at my new house in the next week,

      well actually I have basically upgraded my package. Now the guy said I get my own static ip, which is really good for online games or hosting games or whatever, I'm just like ok Great! So is anyone able to explain what this means for me and what I would benifit from having this? Would it help with cod games in anyway? I'm not really tech minded. Any help much appreciated. Thanks all.

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          Re: Static ip question?

          I don't know much, but since you still don't have an answer, I will say what I know.


          The main difference between a static and dynamic IP is that a static IP will never change, whereas a dynamic IP will. I believe that a static IP is faster because it is more direct. I don't know much about how they work, but because the static IP never changes, the information doesn't travel as far as with a temporary one. As far as ping, the difference is unnoticeable, but because of the way most games choose a host, a static IP will be chosen more often. The only disadvantage I know of is when you are being DDOSed. DDOS is basically a flood of information that another player will send to your IP, overloading your router. With a dynamic IP, all you have to do is unplug your router for two minutes and it will be assigned a new IP automatically (ending the DDOS). However, with a static IP, it is my understanding that you would have to wait until they stopped flooding your IP. Hope this helped and good luck

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