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    first day on PC, already accused of hacking

      PC master race warriors can't handle me beasting; i'm going like 35-5 every game on PC with an extended mag k7. (i know they didn't just get the game by their rank) A couple dudes have already claimed that i must be hacking. Apparently they think i have wallhacks and aimbot. Wallhacks? It's called map knowledge and spawn rotation. Aimbot? Thx 4 the compliment. Two questions:


      1) How do i screencap? i wanted to show the whole thing, and i hit the print screen button. When i put it into photoshop, it's showed a black screen, another time it showed my desktop. If i can just get still images, that's good enough.


      2) Is framerate lag coming from the connection or my PC just sucking? i don't have the best graphics card, but it's running ok otherwise. Even when i played a couple squads matches i was still lagging, but I got the FOV at 65 (the lowest) :/ Obviously, it's not affecting me too bad, but still a minor annoyance. It says i'm locked at 1080p. Anyway to lower that to 720p and increase performance?