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    i have been banned before even i start playing

      hello, so here is the full story of what happened
      COD ghosts is free to play in steam for 2  days so i downlaod it in order to test it and maybe i will buy it if i like it, so after i finished the downlaod i start the game and try to find a match, so i found one, and when i joined we were playing 3vs1 and when i found the enemy and try to shoot him, the cursor go and aim away from him so icant shoot him, so i disconnect, then i tried to see my fps in, i usually use MSI afterburner, but the game doesnt want to launch i dont know why so i give up and start looking to play again, i joined another match and when i joined and choose class, i couldnt spawn, just spectaing, so i disconnect and try to join another game, and i joined the same game where i cant spawn (it was TDM) so i restarted my pc and launch the game again mybe it fixed, when i click on online play it says that my account is vac ban
      i dont have cheats , i never had a vac ban before,, i play black ops 2 without any probelems, i hope you can fix my problem so ican test the game and maybe buying it if i like it

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