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    Win loss isn't anything to go by

      I notice, especially in mw3 that no matter how well I do a lot of the time my teammates end up losing.


      Then the next match I do similar and my team wins.


      It's just many matches I'm the one to carry my team. The game makes me the one to rely on to win. It gets tiring having to put in so much work each match because my teammates can't do good enough.


      Makes me think those with 4+ win loss ratios only have it because they are getting put with better teammates and scrubbier enemies.


      It's just not fair to see someone more skilled have a lower win loss than someone with lower skill due to differences in matchmaking teammate abilities.


      That's why I've made another thread on here about pubstomping together.


      I play for fun, it's just I find it silly when people judge players on their win loss and have win loss requirements when recruiting for their clans.


      I can certainly say anyone who looks as my win loss and judges me on it will be in for a huge surprise when they go up against me.

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          I somewhat agree. I mean win/loss matters to me, but people pad their ratio in infected or by dashboarding.

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            W/L ratio definitely is not something to be blinded by, but it is still the second most important stat after K/D ratio.  The best way to measure a player is by using a mixture of both ratios.  Players that have a high K/D and a bad W/L are straight up quitters who leave games when they aren't having a good game.  Players that have a high W/L and a low K/D aren't very good players but they team with good friends and they possibly help the team out more through objectives and such.  Players that have a high K/D and a high W/L are the truly good players.

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                Players with high k/d and low w/l could also be really good players who play most of their games solo with a 50/50 chance of being teamed up with worthless players.

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                  "Players that have a high K/D and a bad W/L are straight up quitters who leave games when they aren't having a good game."

                  I strongly disagree on that.

                  You can have players who drop 3 kd's a lot but are let down by their teammates a lot causing them to lose. It doesn't mean they back out to save their win loss.

                  In mw3 it happens to me so much, I carry my teammates and they still lose but I don't rage quit at it happening.

                  Only thing is my win loss suffers because of my teammates. That's why I made this thread to discuss how win loss doesn't mean anything about how good a player is.

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                  It really just depends what game were talking about and how there stats are posted easy to view or hidden. For example ghosts are easy to view and people care so much about k/D there willing to change a domination game type into a team death match just for the k/d not caring about the win/loss. On older games where that wasn't easy to look at between matches in lobbies no one cared about that and actually played games to win.

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                      The thing is it happens so much in ghosts and mw3.


                      In mw3 I can go like 28 - 10 in a match for example and my team will lose. Then the next match I will do near enough the same and my team will win.


                      It's just like most of the time my team loses and it affects my win loss. I don't care for it anyway. Just making a point that win loss doesn't mean much about an individual player and those who recruit for their clans asking for like minimum win losses of 2 are highly misinformed of how call of duty works. I pretty much know the ins and outs of call of duty to a high level. I've played call of duty for many years since call of duty 1 and have studied call of duty for a long time. It's a shame it's gotten worse over the years but ghosts isn't too bad. Personally in ghosts aside from some maps being too big it's the players who ruin that game by how they play.

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                      Since i play on the X1, i all the time judge people by their WL. I understand that most people dont play in parties so when im thinking about picking up a player i look at there kills to capture ratio in dom, and as long as their KD is decent + their kill to capture ratio is under 10 ill pick them up. For me personally, i have to play in parties because i always get paired up with bad teammates so i end up raging. Believe it or not, but my WL is currently 16 with a KD of 2.6 mostly playing with 3-6 people at a time. I have played over 500 games since i reset and i think i have only lost around a max of 10, but lagged out around 20-30 times. Since my friends and I have such good stats most other good players back out so we just keep playing bad players. I will say the players i usually watch out for are the players around a 3-4WL and 2-3KD.