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    fix modern warfare 3!

      fix the lag compensation. there's a camper with a motion sensor in a small off building in fallen. i got him with stun over and over again. i run up stairs to shoot him. i know where he is and shoot 15 bullet into his strafe and no hitmarker and i instantly die without any red screen. even on his screen it shows him partially impaired and me not doing **** as if it's a free kill. anytime i get near him the game ******* lags horrible. i did this time and time again and even tried to simply rush him. the whole lobby is 4 and 3 bar and he is 3 or 2 bar. the second you get near him he goes 1 bar and the lobby goes ******* 2-3 bar at best. there's teleportation and **** going on to where you can't even aim and you lose 30 frames. rushing him resulted in even worse lag. i have A rating pingtest and 100/35 speedtest. WTF is this? i had about six deaths to this pos camper. just because people have bad internet doesn't mean you have to **** on people with good internet. i'm sick of this garbage and being unable to do ****. it's always campers with ******* 2 bar connection going double positive sitting in a ******* building. even rushers with 2 bar get an advantage over regular players. this game has 25k players. before it dies it deserves a connection update or dedicated servers.