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    Ghosts' Multiplayer is Great.  But why do people hate it?

      I personally found that Call of Duty: Ghosts had a great multiplayer structure.  It had the following:


      • Create-a-soldier system that allows me to make each soldier built for a game mode.
      • Squad points allowed me to unlock whatever I needed first so I'm not at a complete disadvantage against others who played longer.
      • The killstreaks were a lot weaker, which brought a greater focus towards gun-on-gun and less about the streaks doing all the work.
      • Support Strike package was fixed.  Squad mates and Oracles are nothing compared to the Stealth Bomber and EMP spam from MW3.
      • Extinction mode was epic.  I thought it was even better than zombies.


      But a lot of people complained about the following:

      • IEDs were too powerful - Granted, but I can recall a minor overpowered combo where people with One Man Army would set up a claymore, switch classes, and place C4 in front of it.
      • The kiillstreaks were too weak - I'm sorry they don't hold your hand anymore.  I like gun-on-gun skills being more prevalent than overpowered streaks.
      • The dog was overpowered - True, but I would rather have one dog instead of a whole army of K9's earning you way more kills.
      • The maps are huge - 6 maps, out of the 31 maps (including DLC) were huge in regards to large open areas.  I think every COD title had huge maps (MW2 had Wasteland for example).
      • The game is camper friendly - What FPS game in the history of FPS games ISN'T camper friendly!?  Every FPS game, regardless of the map sizes, will ALWAYS have campers.  The only thing that makes a game camper friendly is the people who play it.  The game doesn't force people to camp.  People make themselves camp.  If people want a game to promote movement, then give better rewards for moving around constantly.
      • Amplfy was overpowered - Yes, I agree.  MW3 also had that problem as well.  Black Ops 2 got footsteps right and I'm hoping Advanced Warfare makes them nearly silent as well.


      What I found to be worse about the hate against Ghosts is when I asked those same people what their favorite COD game was.  They mostly answered with MW2 aka the most unbalanced mess for a multiplayer game.  If it's unbalanced and it gives people the means to earn 20+ kills without lifting a finger, then it's the best game ever.