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    Infinity Ward fix your game and my stats

      My teammates can't seem to win a match no matter how much I carry them.


      three quarters of the matches I play my team loses and it's affecting my win loss.


      Not to mention many lobbies are full of the dirtiest campers who watch every entrance.


      Fix the matchmaking and my win loss.


      I play to have fun but I can't have fun with all of the camping going on.


      My kd has also been affected by all of the camping.


      Literally the campers camp together watching every entrance. It's not fair good players get their deserved high kd's because they play against noobs who don't camp as much but my lobbies are full of the dirtiest campers.


      I need my kd and win loss adjusted as well as you to fix the matchmaking and something needs to be done about the campers. I want to play call of duty for fun but the experience is being ruined.

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          Re: Infinity Ward fix your game and my stats

          What game modes do you play?

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              Re: Infinity Ward fix your game and my stats

              tdm on mw3 and ghosts and some snr on ghosts but it probably happens with every game mode.


              Basically unless I play in a  party my team is going to lose most of the time which affects my win loss.


              Not to mention because of my scrub teammates it gives the enemy team more of a chance to gain map control which negatively impacts my kd.

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              Re: Infinity Ward fix your game and my stats

              On my second (solo TDM only) account, my W/L has dropped rapidly to 1.3 over the last few weeks. I back out of so many games now because so many lobbies are just AIDS.


              If it's not enemy team camping (the entire team, one random bad doesn't bother me) with thermal sights or trolling, it's me being expected to carry five teammates while dealing with the entire enemy team. I guess my KD has some influence on who I'm matched with, but I'm sick of teammates that contribute literally nothing. Am I really expected to go 1v6, and win the game? Come onnnn...


              I also constantly get matched against full parties of guys with 3-4KDs, or those nasty spawntrapper parties that occasionally wander into TDM knowing they'll easily be able to pad their stats by camping and headglitching with M27s, wearing vests and putting IMSes and Sentries down on spawn points. Why is it down to one person to win?


              I've actually partied up with friends that have similar stats before, and funny enough, every opponent in the lobby always has a negative KD. Seems legit. Those games are generally so easy it's embarrassing, and I don't like it.


              I'd much rather do worse individually and get the win with a competent team because both teams are evenly matched, than constantly lose because my teammates are going 1-22 while I'm dropping 30+ kills, and refuse to put on Blind Eye even when they're getting pounded by streaks that they gave to the other team. I know I should play partied up more often, but doing that just exploits the other side of the flaw in matchmaking, and I don't play CoD to be cheap. Otherwise I'd just play Dom or Blitz and earn fake KEMs.

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                Re: Infinity Ward fix your game and my stats

                Not really a IW problem. Sounds more like of a you problem than a IW problem. As they say, adapt. Play smarter, not harder.

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                  Re: Infinity Ward fix your game and my stats

                  1) well they need to play better or don't play with them

                  2) it's called comebacks, and of course it affect your win loss, it's not almost win but lose ratio or vise versa

                  3) can't fix campers, gotta play better and smarter

                  4) matchmaking do suck and they will NOT fix anything of your ratios

                  5) play smarter

                  6) play smarter and try not to get killed otherwise just back out of the match if it's instant death over and over again

                  7) that's not IW problem it's yours

                  8) play smarter cause they wouldn't fix nothing for you and I don't think they read these forums, AW looks fun

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                    Re: Infinity Ward fix your game and my stats

                    oy vey! The trolliest of trolls has come to play!

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                      Re: Infinity Ward fix your game and my stats

                      Really, you do know that when you play MP you are playing real people, right?


                      Just go play with some bots.  You'll have the best KD CoD has ever seen and win every single game. 

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                        Re: Infinity Ward fix your game and my stats

                        Case study: CodPro3.


                        Count the words I and My in the OP.


                        Uses the word "I" 6 times and "my" 6 times as well.


                        Never see the word "we" in there, do you? Please note as well the OP is discussing Team Modes.


                        The OP is delusional, feeling like he is owed something by the Developers. He feels his stats and W/L should be adjusted according to his wants, not what he has earned or deserved. He consistently blames his teammates for their poor performance, but does nothing to indicate how he could be a better teammate.


                        It makes one wonder, then, what the OP considers success, since apparently he feels he is doing so well and yet losing so frequently. Is he getting good stats? High K/D? Could this also indicate part of the problem is the OP himself? Playing selfishly and earning individual Kudos whilst his team suffers so he has a convenient scapegoat?


                        It could, of course, be that the OP is experiencing the natural realities of being a lone wolf player who plays Team Matches. Logically, an organized team will more consistently win over random, less organized teams. However, it is also true that truly good players not only do well themselves, but consistently make their team better as well through their actions; be it making call outs, playing the objective, encouraging (rather than discouraging) their team, and by not playing selfishly. It is what makes good players, great.


                        But, alas, the OP doesn't want suggestions on how to improve. He doesn't want to hear how any of this could be improved on his end. He wants to be given a handout. He wants his "stats" to reflect what he feels he deserves, not what he has earned.


                        He wants to blame "campers", rather than finding a way to outsmart or outwit them. Yep, other people who are just playing the game, and apparently have found a successful formula as they seem to be frustrating the OP.


                        The OP doesn't want to admit that the fault is on him for not being able to overcome the play styles of others, even though the game provides ample tools to do so.


                        In conclusion, the OP is quite simply showing delusional, narcissistic tendencies... blaming a corporation(and perhaps the government?) for his own failings and shortcomings... all of which could be rectified if he merely took some personal responsibility and the time to improve.

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                          Re: Infinity Ward fix your game and my stats

                          i want like 300 wins back for host migration if we are going to cry about win/loss

                          It seems like i always have to backpack team no thumbs, but good players like myself can still one man army most matches. Full clans are more difficult, but still not that hard. In TDM, i often outscore the enemy team by myself. Try doing that and things should work out for you lol

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                            Re: Infinity Ward fix your game and my stats

                            Stupid hate thread Mr Codpro3.

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                              Re: Infinity Ward fix your game and my stats

                              I have an idea. How about Infinity Ward sends a message to all of the campers in Ghosts telling them to stop! How come no one thought of that before! Everyone would be happy wouldn't they!

                              And if they didn't stop, they get banned from the game forever! Then there would be no campers at all and we can all get 100 K/Ds and infinite W/L ratios.


                              Oh wait...we are forgetting that if we remove campers form the game we are only allowing more skilled players to become abundant...I think you have a serious case of 'flawed' logic Mr OP.


                              Let's move on, shall we?

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                                Re: Infinity Ward fix your game and my stats

                                you are just bad at the game mate

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                                  Re: Infinity Ward fix your game and my stats

                                  Hey! Ghosts has Single Player, Squads and Extinction right?


                                  There are plenty of ways to enjoy games and try to improve. I don't know if you wish "real" players that you play with try to act like a "recruit." Seriously, utilize on what the game has to offer, practice, practice, and practice some more. That won't make you suck and challenges are part of "any" games. If you're not into COD then, play other games and quit whining.

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