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    The Spawns are absolutely awful



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          I really enjoyed your thoughtful insight.

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            I get roughly 3 deaths a game from spawning right in front of players from the other team. I can't even take a step or ads. Pretty ridiculous.

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              of all the patches this game has had , fixing the spawn engine would seem to me to be a priority. Guess not Dirty Bastards lol

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                Why not elaborate?


                Mode? Examples? Anything?


                A Subject line does not a Thread make.

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                  Wheres the description? Because you wont tell us your opinion and go into detail, I wont take this thread seriously.

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                    i see alot of hate for the spawn system, I had it at first. But since XclusiveAce did his spawn guide for domination it all made sense to me. And every spawn i could explain from that moment. And not just in domination.


                    I dont get those so called "revenge spawn" ppl talk about. It is often the players that are just useless and let theirself get spawntrapped in domination. In domination the spawns are very sticky at the home flag if that is the only flag they have, and sometimes there are players taking advantage out of that moving between those spawns to get lots of kills.


                    And even then the spawnsystem is just doing it right, its often the player that doesnt understand whats going on. The game spawns you on a spot closest to your teammates where no enemy player has a direct line of sight on. (This doesnt work on blitz as that is the ulitmate spawntrap mode. And if you want to play against teams which only goal is to spawntrap then you should play some more blitz).

                    So if you are having on any map A flag, just draw a circle around a group of teammates and the closest spawn near or in that circle is the spawn you get.

                    If the enemy team pushes up to far that all spawns are blocked by a line of sight then you can either be spawned on a shared spawnpoint or near the C flag.


                    I do think this game is a bit more spawntrap friendly. Cause if the team that has A+B flag, and are pushed up between B and C with basicly full team, then you get most likely a B spawn which you can get you quick into the spawntrap position again. While in BO2 you would always spawn at your homeflag.

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                        All the spawn systems have a logic governing it. Always there will be people that have a good understanding of the logic and they will be able to use this knowledge to their advantage. Some people call this abuse of the system but to some is using knowledge to your advantage.

                        There has being a lot of hate as well as a lot of posts on this forum about this subject.

                        Anything the Devs do there will always be people that will exploit the system. Its unavoidable. There is so much space on a map and there are so many things that are going on simultaneously. 

                        So I stopped complaining about it and I also watched Xclusive Ace's videos about how spawns work.

                        Now everything looks different and it changed the way I think during the game. 

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                        PRoblem solveR


                        picture this.  Map split into four section north south east west will say. Guy on your team furthest away from enemy Is section u get to pick on map to parachute into on respawn.  So when u die minimap of section appears u click on a spot on map to spawn. A quick animation of paratrooper cut away chute strings drops onto spawn point.  so if u are killed spawning its your own dumb fault for picking that spot.

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                            Wouldn't this increase spawn trapping?  A player could then see where enemies reside and quickly appear in that location.  Seems like a recipe for disaster.  Maybe I'm misunderstanding something here.

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                                THe parachute scene would only be seen on the person thats spawning screen, i guess u could do both, in real life do u teleport in?   The difference is user pick his/her spawn point rather then getting dumped in the middle of four guys And not nowing where ur gonna spawn and the surrondings around you.  If u know your gonna spawn here and know your surroundings before u spawn it should help.