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    LF 360/one players for completionist runs

      GT: Dankoviich

      Console: 360 or One

      DLC: 4/4 both consoles

      Escapes: ~175 most plat

      Challenge ratio: .88 with around 2500 completed but also play pubs by myself often and don't bail on groups for missing a challenge or 2

      Gameplay & Style: play both normal and hc more for challenges and fun than for pure score but will also gladly run support on score runs for others


      Hoping to find a few laid back people to run some maps, normal or hardcore.  I have completionist for all maps and difficulties multiple times.


      I normally play medic/WS (double class) but can play any class to help the team.  I also have master scavenger and gladly give out arks and mags before taking my own (occasionally I grab an extended mag on poc first )


      I listen well and will gladly try any strategy that's not my own if it seems smart and effective.  I will not try to tell anyone how to play and only offer suggestions if the teammate is open to them.


      An xbox live message or a post here would be the best way to get in touch.  Thanks.


      - Dank

      GT: Dankoviich