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    Extinction XP

      Hey Guys,

      Yesterday I played "Point of Contract" and after destroying the first hive all 3 players have at about 1000 XP but the fourth player had 20000 XP. Is this possible? Have this ever happened to anyone else? Do you know how could this happen?

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          Re: Extinction XP

          Hi zaxaria16,


          From what I know, the XP that you're getting in Extinction depends on the Relics activated by a player. The more the Relics used, the more XP will be gained. And I know that you know that Relics can be equipped when you reach a Prestige.


          Please try to activate as many Relics as you can depending on your Prestige level and check if there will be differences in your gainesd XP.



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              Re: Extinction XP

              I don't think he used relics....from what he's said to me..but I'll try and see if you are right. Thanx for your time and assistance

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                Re: Extinction XP

                I gave a try using 5 relics...I earned a lot of XP...after the second hive I had about 14.000 XP but he had as I remember 45.000. I guess he might have used more relics. Again thanks for help (forgive any grammar mistakes but I don't speak English very well) 

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