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    Extinction Teeth

      So the other night i got my friends to carry me throw Point of Contact with 10 Relics.We managed to get Completionist as well as a platinum escape in total i earned 20 teeth. Today i was playing with randoms and 2 of them had not finished Point of Contact so me and this guy carried them through we managed to get Completionist and platinum escape and we only got 10 teeth.In the past when i have done point of contact i usually get  13-15 teeth but now i am getting only 10 any idea why this might be happening ?

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          Re: Extinction Teeth

          Did you join a game in progress? Seems like 10 teeth is all you'll get if you join, or time out and rejoin.

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            Re: Extinction Teeth

            Hey guys,

            It doesn't matter how many relics you use (I think). I have earned 15 teeth playing solo and doing all the challenges and 14 using 4 relics. But with other players (co-op), I had done the very same things using 3 relics and helped them escape for the first time and I managed to get 9 teeth only. My opinion...just use one relic, do all challenges, don't let Cryptids damage the drill at all if it is possible, kill as many cryptids as you can, do a Platinum escape and personally I reccomend playing solo. I don't know how much this will help you but when I do this, i get about 15 teeth for sure.

            Let us know if you find a way that we can gather as many teeth as possible. (excuse any mistakes but I don't speak English very well)

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                Re: Extinction Teeth

                Actually, it does matter for relics. 6 is the cut off point though. So: 1 tooth for 1 relic, 2 teeth for 2 relics etc. but then if you use 7, 8, 9 or 10 relics, you still only get 6 teeth.


                So in a regular game currently, you can get this for the game:

                1. 1 tooth for every 300 kills
                2. 1 tooth per relic (6 being max)
                3. 1 tooth from daily pool
                4. 3 teeth for the escape
                5. 2 for 10 challenges complete IN THAT GAME
                6. 4 additional teeth if you get completionist


                So if you only get 1 for 300 kills, and lets say you get everything else except the bonus pool, and you use 6 relics, you should get 16 teeth.

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