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    Origins Ending Theory

      So this could be a little far-fetched, but maybe this cutscene takes place in the MPD, or Aether or whatever: the place that Samantha is able to control the zombies from. It isn't in the real world, Eddie doesn't get traveled back farther in time that Samantha. Since she can control the zombies in the beginning and due to her immaturity, she does it by playing with toys, almost god-like. Then we see Richtofen because he swapped bodies with her on Moon, and in her child mind, he too is her age. Then Maxis' soul is absorbed into the MPD and we only hear him, not see because he is now essentially just a soul. His "plan" is the events of BO2. He plans to control the new players to get rid of richtofen so he can spend eternity with his daughter. The end room is the place where Sam controls the zombies and is enfused with her mind, if that makes any sense. Richtofen and Maxis appear the way Sam would see them in her creepy playroom. She tells Eddie it will be his turn, and she is right because he takes over. I hope I am not rambling and this makes sense to you all, because it gives me closure since i refuse to believe it was all just a game or that they were teleported. In conclusion, This room is a creepy other worldly state in which Sam sees things through childish eyes. Imagine looking into a delusional and slightly evil child's mind, and this is how she interprets all the madness that is going on around her.