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    Always Hard=Not Hard


      Just ran through Exodus Hardcore first try with people who actually knew what they were doing. Our down total for the 4 man team was 3 or 4.

      Wasn't this achievment supposed to be challenging?

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          It is probably pretty challenging for the average player, don't forget that most of the people on these forums are usually a lot better and more experienced than your run-of-the-mill random. Half the people I've played with the in hardcore matchmaking playlist can't even hold their own on PoC, let alone Exodus.


          I got the Always Hard and Completionist on my first game of Exodus when it came out. I had a really good team though, and one of them had heard rumors of a 1000 teeth upgrade before the DLC came out, so he saved up like 700 and we had CS ammo that game.



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            So I've been playing exodus solo since it came out yesterday(unfortunately can't seem to find any good players on ps3), bought all the new upgrades except pistol ark, still grinding, and I find it pretty easy, beat it the first time on regular 1 relic just to have a feel for the map and the second try just for fun did it in hc 1 relic and got completionist. This wave of trophies isn't too challenging manage to get all of then with only 4 games.

            Anyway, for the good ps3 players out there my psn is balele123 I'm hoping to try this in coop.

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              I still have trouble beating this on normal. Actually, just one part I usually have trouble with. One of the middle generators in the parking garage. And I always lose because of the same thing. Not dying, but the generator being destroyed. Maybe I'm just not finding very good people in my games(don't really have much friends online to play Extinction with, so I almost always play with randoms), but I always fail on one of those generators. Occasionally it's the first one we do, but usually we lose on the second one when the Ancestor comes, and he nearly destroys it with a single black hole blast. I try to do the one on the right first(the one in the more open space), then the other because the Ancestor has to walk longer to get to it. I try to save a trophy system for this part but it doesn't last long enough and it's hard to kill the ancestor with a mammoth and rhino killing us.


              So I'm really not looking forward to hardcore. But I will eventually finish it and get my achievement. I'm an achievement whore... I have to...

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                  This achievement is just like the "Piece of Cake" achievement in the campaign you think its going to be hard/difficult but it can easily be done.

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                    That one can be tricky. See this thread for some tips: Nerf the ancestor blast

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                      1) Do the generator in the middle of garage second so when you get the ancestor you aren't stick in a small space with all your teammates like you would be at the other garage hive.


                      2) Do these generators after you have done the office and most doors so you have quite a few skill points.


                      3) Try to find a trophy to stop the ancestor blasts. You can also use your riot shield to try and stop the blasts. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't but its a good strategy.


                      4) Build sticky flares so you can stick the mammoth and not worrying about being killed by him towards the end of the hive.


                      5) The most important one is don't trust your teammates and be the engineer. Keep the traps on, stick IMS out, equip your riot shield so you are protected when repairing the drill and camp out beside it. With engineer ranked up and boosters out that drill is repaired in no time.


                      I'm not saying anything new here but I find horrible teammates as well and I end up running engineer a lot because I got sick and tired of that drill being destroyed myself.

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                        6) another good strategy is to have at least 2 teammates build tesla traps, as you can string them together and build a barrier either a) in front of the generator, or b) at the far end of the garage, where everything spawns (including the mammoth).

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                        I have a dislike for awakening and now exodus. awakening is too slow for me and exodus just doesn't feel challenging at all. I guess I need to try hardcore more often. I've been slowly trying to go Solo on NF with 7 relics whilst getting completionist...i cant seem to do it yet.


                        how well do you all like exodus?

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                            I know what you mean about Awakening. Personally I like Exodus a ton more - Exodus is more challenging and the map is really well thought out; you can also change it up every game in terms of both play and time.


                            In contrast, Awakening isn't at all hard, however I find the map convoluted and the jumping stuff silly. Plus, every game seems to take forever.


                            Mind you, I'm not a solo player at all, and rarely ever run more than a couple relics.

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                              I hate Awakening...Exodus is growing on me.  I like all the different ways you can go through the map...lot's of choices.  My list ...best to worst:

                              POC - still love this map..not really sure why...but I almost always play it 1st when I start up..

                              Nightfall - by far most challenging imo

                              Exodus - like the choices + love the NX1..it's ton of fun..imo

                              Mayday - I really like this map, but it HAS to be played with a cooperative team or it can be REALLY frustrating

                              Awakening - the only failure imo..this map sucks and I haven't played it for over a month, mostly because it gets easier as it progresses which I hate.

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                              Did this yesterday with 3 people running the CSA, all 3 with Pistol ark(Relic) halfway through a 4th popped in. He helped a lot with the ancestors at the end & he rejoin with a relic, so all of us got it . The only thing difficult about HC is you don't get the extra skill points your used to getting, & a little more enemy's.

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                                Shut up mr c o c ksure i tried it 4 times on HC and it's not easy at all. you have to be lucky with good team mates and all be of that language to properly communicate.Trust me HC is very challenging try solo.4 player is easier, infact on HC the more players the easier it is because you get more drops thrown out so skill points aren't as important than if your doing 1-2 player HC.All these players think there great because they do it first time don't flatter yourself,if you want testing play a Dark Souls game on Ng+...... that's what i call HC,Extinction HC is just frustrating because it relies on you playing with players of good a standard to help you as you could be the best Extinction player in the world but if your 3 team mates are average/s u ck then you got no chance in hell.

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                                  Hardcore was hard for me to beat but this was probably because it was before the Devastation release and there were no armory upgrades yet. I have only done it on POC and Nightfall and I would like to try it on the others but it's hard trying to divide my time at being a good Extinction and MP player while having 1-6 hours of game time a week.

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                                    I Beat it today was easy tbh

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                                      no achievement in extinction is hard!!! otherwise 10 relics hardcore? no? okay well there you go