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    I get banned from Call of Duty: Ghosts without a reason

      Hello everyone I have a problem, yesterday when I returned from Orlando I tried to play CoD ghost online, I was three days without playing, but when i tried to connect i received a massage saying "VAC banned account" I don't know why.

      A week ago y had a problem because y two games when the Host Migrates i was unable to kill my enemies and also my enemies couldn't kill me, but my friends saw me as a friend and friendly turrets, flashbang and dogs attacked and affected me, they said me I was a hacker but I don't. I'm only prestige 4. Then that problem don't happened again I was playing as usually i do.

      I went this Monday for labor day with my family to Orlando and yesterday a was banned.

      I contacted Activision support requesting a explanation but they told me they can't provide that kind of information.

      So I'm really angry right now, I lose my money, my account and everything.

      Please I need some help!!