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    No more k/d? Sniper only lobby?

      Well i dont know about you guys but i think that IW should remove the K/D or atleast make it able so you can hide it. Why you may ask. well i dont know if its just me or not but I feel that the k/d makes people camp more. Im pretty sure some of you people have played with people that have like a 2.50 k/d or better. and you think there really good. but when you start playing you find out that they camp a lot. And the k/d just ruins playing the objective. beacuse people will just go for kills and not even play the objective. It always happens in games like domination or demolition. And then theres those people who for some reason are like whats your k/d and you tell them and theyll either say oh your bad or something or theyll say that you arent legit and you boost or something like common really. Im gonna be honest here but when i see my k/d it just makes me want to get it higher than it already is. But that just me. What do you guys/girls think about this. should IW removed the k/d and only show the win lose ration. or should you atleast be able to hide it. Or do you think they should just leave it how it is. and let everyone see it. I personlly like what they did with MW2 where only you can see your k/d but i didnt like what they did with black ops were everyone can see it.


      And do you guys think that there should be a sniper only lobby? I asked one of the game designers from tryarch why they didnt do this and they said because there isnt a big enough amount of people that sniper. I mean like really. if you play mw2 so much people quick scope. The reason i think this type of lobby would good is because im pretty sure some of you qs. And dont you just hate is when you play like ffa or Snd and everyone is quick scoping and then theres that person that either has to be the tryhard and use a machine gun or somehting or that person that is doing bad so they start using there gun. i think this lobby would be so much fun. And i mean like just the gun and attachments. no secondary. no death streaks. no kill streaks. and only some perks. whats your opinon on this. do you approve of it or disapprove of it?


      no trolls please! i would like to know what your opinion on these topics are.


        • No more k/d? Sniper only lobby?

          i think cheapscopers should have there own private lobbys to keep them out of public games.

          • No more k/d? Sniper only lobby?

            okay your going to hate this but STFU.  Alright KD is there because its one of the highest looked at scores. it will be there forever and also no matter what. there will be campers even if they get rid of KD's GHOST NINJA ETC. Campers are permanent because they camp it happends its part of adjusting to different peoples play styles. If you suck becuase you cant kill a camper your a idiot. And quick scoping is fixed alot in MW3 you cant kill someone in the arm or leg with a quick scope needs to be in upper chest or head now. So stop complaining!!!

            • No more k/d? Sniper only lobby?

              Are you retarded or just trolling? Kis,sniping does not=quickscoping

              i do want sniper only games,and i tryed playing some in mw2 so called isnipe,but there you cant even open the scope for 1 sec

              • No more k/d? Sniper only lobby?

                Definitely agree with the K/D hopefully you cant see peoples k/d in game but you can look them up on elite and see there k/d. In black ops heaps of people leave lobbies because they look at the otheres k/d and if there good they quit i think its pointless of having k/d.I like how in MW2 you could only see your friends K/D'S

                • No more k/d? Sniper only lobby?

                  Good idea, Disagring with the "remove" part but i like the "hide" part. ATLEAST MAKE US BE ABLE TO HIDE OUR K/D RATIO IW! There should be an option somewhere saying "Show K/D Ratio (Yes/No)" Think about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (If you's see this)