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    We don't ask for much here guys. Why do we let ourselves to be denied these things?

      As a community, there are only a few things we ask for. No deathstreaks, no faster ADS for snipers(no faster ADS period would be nice), dedicated servers, removal of panic knifing and a few other things. These implementations would make Call of Duty the supreme game. But no, we just decide to "live with it" and watch a popular series go downhill. Let's live on an outdated system. We don't need dedis! It's okay that someone's connection may suck, it's okay that the host has too much influence with host (dis)advantage. It's okay that the host can pull the plug at any time or use a lagswitch.


      Year after year we are subject to recycled sounds and effects. Why is the UMP.45 silenced the same as the MP5 silenced? Why do 95% of guns use the AK-74u reload in 3rd person? How lazy can you get?


      The games engine has been plagued with the EXACT SAME issues year after year. They have been around since Call of Duty. Clipping is a HUGE issue. Backs sticking through walls. You know Nuketown? If someone camps the stairs, sometimes you can see their body sticking out? On Array, I actually got a Ballistic Knife kill on a guy because it landed on his FOOT, which was sticking out side a WALL! He was actually inside a building!


      Why won't anyone fix the most common issues with the engine? They've been here year to year. Nobody's doing anything about it.


      Come on guys. Don't recycle. Get dedicated servers. Remove deathstreaks(and put Combat Training back in to counter). Fix panic knifing. Fix the persisting engine issues.


      We don't ask for much here. We have made your bosses billionaires and have kept you fed for many years now. We don't ask for super huge maps or insane graphics. All we want is simply a Call of Duty game that is simply...enjoyable. The day that a Call of Duty has all these issues fixed, is the day that EA won't dare try to challenge you because they will be soiling their pants. The only reason EA even has the slightest chance of overthrowing CoD(I doubt it) with BF3 is because CoD is a Death Star. A giant beacon of destruction which will crush any and all resistance. But it has a hole, and once exploited, will spell doom to the entire station.



      Mark my words comrades. If things don't change, someone will step up to the plate. Someone, somewhere.

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          Re: We don't ask for much here guys. Why do we let ourselves to be denied these things?

          I must say I'm surprised someone haven't already made a game like call of duty, but setting the core players in focus. ie make the game kinda like cs, a good server browser, lots of control on the servers, mods, good post-release support etc. that game could crush cod. it's all about making shitty clones and not really trying to make something better.

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            Re: We don't ask for much here guys. Why do we let ourselves to be denied these things?

            This is dumb. When are people going to start realizing that just because they want something changed that doesnt  mean everyone wants it changed.


            There's nothing wrong with deathstreaks. Seriously how much harm do they really do? If someone is bad enough to die 6 times in a row I doubt they have enough skill to kill anyone while in Second Chance. If you happen to kill someone multiple times in a row, OH NO you better watch out because he is gonna have super speed for a few seconds once he respawns...that'll probably make you lose!...not. Seriously though the only reason an enemy deathstreak will be there is if you are slaughtering them already and besides if you're on the recieving end of a massacre you will be glad once your deathstreak activates, it might be enough for you to turn your KDR around for that match. If it wasnt for deathstreaks most people would probably just quit after dying 6 times in a row.


            Panic knifing has already been addressed. The range of melee attacks has been reduced.


            As for slower ADS for snipers. They already have slower ADS. Maybe you should try using the sniper rifles and not always be such an AR noob and then you will stop trying to nerf the snipers as they are already outclassed by all ARs and a host of other weapons.


            Vahn posted a thread about why dedi servers arent practical for CoD. I dont remember his reasons but it made sense. Pretty much if they gave us dedi servers we would suffer in other areas and people would complain just as much.



            Complaining about gun animations and sounds is retarded. Dont you realize the more graphical and audio content the disc has on it the more laggy its going to be. Not to mention the install size of the game. Things like this are such minute issues that you have to be a total arse to even wanna complain about it.


            Saying "nobody's doing anything about it" when it comes to fixing things is total bull! What do you think all of the patches are for? The entire OP of this thread is a bunch of uneducated ignorant bullcrap!


            "all we ask for is a CoD game that is simply..enjoyable" um...are you even playing the right game? How do people sink 45 days into a game that isnt enjoyable? The last time someone said they thought Black Ops was unplayable I went and looked at his combat record to find that he had over 16days played. If you're playing the game then how is it not enjoyable? And if it isnt enjoyable then why are you playing it? Talk about contradictions.

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              We don't ask for much here guys. Why do we let ourselves to be denied these things?

              Two things, what is panic knifing and is there an ignore function on these forums?

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                  We don't ask for much here guys. Why do we let ourselves to be denied these things?

                  The term "Panic Knife" is exactly what it sounds like. You have had to experience those times when you come running around a corner and so does another guy and you pull your gun up to shoot, he just knifes as if he intended to along. Its annoying as hell. Its basically a knee jerk reaction, that the Devs allow to happen.

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                      We don't ask for much here guys. Why do we let ourselves to be denied these things?

                      Ahh, I get it. I'm a bit tired so not thinking straight.
                      Panic knifing could be fixed by making 'Tactical' configuration (R3 crouch, what ever the far right button is for knife) the default button layout and removing R3 as a knife on any layout.
                      It may encourage the haters but I switched to the Tactical layout after playing BFBC2, its more nartural crouch reaction for a player like me (crouching and straffing around most corners I come to tryin' be all stealth and ****) and sometimes while getting excited rapid firing the FAL I would knife mid gunfire.


                      I'm getting away from my point, Tactical makes knifing a deliberate action, not a re-action.

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