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    Forum Layout is ATROCIOUS

      Why have they made these forums similar to the Official XBOX forums?  I left those forums because it was a complete mess after they 'revamped' it and now I find that they have created this forum in a similar vein!!  Why couldn't it just be laid out and executed like the old IW forums (or even added too?), they were much more easier on the eye (apart from the change to white backgrounds in 2010) and the layout was manageable.  Everything just seems to be thrown in to one pot here and I am sick of sifting through all the garbage to find relevant game info and news.  Please for the love of god take a look at it please, I can't understand why anyone would stick around after the games release to post here!!!

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          Re: Forum Layout is ATROCIOUS

          i agree




          click on a thread it takes you to the bottom.


          points systems based on subjective reasoning garbage. why is there points anyway, too many people leaving and you need some way of retaining people.  inticing them back. 


          after clicking the submit button the forum tells me to log back in, but a simple refresh of the page shows my post. BRILLIANT.


          the people that made GameTrailers.com must have given them the pile of doody code that was left over from their forums.


          and finally,


          crappy, thin-skinned mods.

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