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    How does the double xp exactly work? Read the thread.

      I know HOW to get it, so don't spam me with links or info I don't need. But when the game comes out, will it ONLY run through while I am playing a match? Or will it run through while I am in a lobby too? Or does it just run through it all as soon as I start playing, whether or not the game is on or not? I haven't seen the specifics of this.


      EX: I have 45 minutes of dbl xp, (assuming each games last 10 minutes EXACTLY) will it last for 4 games and a half? Or will it last for like 4 because of lobby waiting time? Any confirming links would be nice, the main site doesn't say anything about it. Or if you attach the double exp and it starts running the time down instantly, It's going to be a little iffy IMO.

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