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    Spec Ops - Mission Mode

      Hey everyone, Since this forum is a bit dead I thought I'd give it a post.

      Does anyone know any info on the Mission side of Spec Ops (Not Survival)

      I know that it can be played solo or 2 players and there are 14 missions (Achievement - get all 42 stars in Spec Ops - Missions [42/3=14])

      Dp you think we will see a trailer for them or will they be left in the dark until release.

      Thoughts & Opinions welcome.

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          Spec Ops - Mission Mode

          I think IW & 402 (Robert Bowling) will probably let us see for ourselves but I'm sure there might be some info as the release gets closer & closer

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            Re: Spec Ops - Mission Mode

            This is the only Spec Ops Mission info I've seen so far.



            In the Spec Ops Invisible Threat mode you can choose to wear the Juggernaut suit and you have to try to disarm IEDs (Improvised ExplosiveDevices), while your teammate is a sniper high on a roof.


            Source: http://www.mapmodnews.com/article.php/CoD-Modern-Warfare-3-spec-ops-Juggernaut


            EDIT: Even better source: http://www.blackwaterops.net/forums/showthread.php?t=21412



            At first, I felt odd when I walked away from a hands-on co-op session of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 earlier today at Gamescom. My colleague Alexander and I had just spent the past 20 minutes carefully defusing IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices, for those of you who don't watch US broadcast news) and murdering potential assailants in a Berlin Spec Ops map, part of a mission named "Invisible Threat." Between laughs, furious button presses, and the occasional expletive, I realized we were having a lot of fun -- far more fun than two grizzled Battlefield vets expected to have with a Call of Duty title, anyway.


            And soon after our play session, I understood why. That feeling I couldn't place was nostalgia, subtly reminding me that, yes, at one point I used to really enjoy Infinity Ward-developed shooters. As I carefully sniped oncoming baddies, Alex -- dressed in a "Juggernaut" bomb suit, a first for the series -- slowly lumbered around, dodging bullets/missiles/helicopters/tanks (seriously) while I assisted from above. Moreover, his ability to locate the remaining IEDs was based on me tossing up a UAV and spotting them from above, all the while dodging bullets/rockets myself. Of course, that meant I got to regularly drop missiles from said UAV onto the aforementioned waves of antagonists. Points!


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              Re: Spec Ops - Mission Mode

              New Spec Ops mission "Little Bros" shown on GT.TV last night. Vid link below.



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