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    How would everyone feel about a across the board console ban on PS3/Xbox/PC for Hackers/Modders?

      I would like to see that IW/SH & Activision from MW3 forward, take a stance against these disgraceful actions. I would like to see that they work in conjunction, with Xbox and PS3 to stop these BASTARDS [sorry, but in the sense of the word they are despicable]. They have ruined so many of our matches, enjoyment. No matter what console.


      They have IMO have attempted to ruin the meaning of grinding for the prestige. Disregarding that some of us work hard to be in good rankings on the leaderboards. So Activision, IW/SH, Xbox, PS3 will you please find a way to keep the guys from doing these horrible things to MW3 and onward? Maybe banning them from one console and even if they get the competitions, find a way to keep them off of it, for MW3 and all your other games.


      Feel free to add what you think and feel about the options that can or should be taken. Please no flaming, I feel the same pain that you do, but lets stay sensible.


      Moderators, Admins, please feel free to give us what insight/intel you may have that you have gained from your positions.


      Thanks and Peace to all Gamers!!!




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