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        20. Re: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - PC Exclusive Information & FAQ

        no....iwnet again...............no please.............all my hypes are in the trash now........

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          21. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - PC Exclusive Information & FAQ

          This system is seriously perfect. Please ignore all the people raging at this system, they will rage at anything given the chance. To all the people who are saying that dedicated servers need to be ranked, you are probably the same people that were complaining about boosters last year. Imagine how big of a problem that would be if two 13 year olds could create their own dedicated server put a password on it and continuesly headshot eachother for hours.



          Instead with this system features such as elite can still be integrated into the game given the legitimacy of matchmaking type games. Infinity ward you have done an amazing effort on this game. I was legitimately bummed out when i heard mw3 would have dedicated servers this year as I am personally not a fan of that type of matchmaking as it removes the party system entirely. However what mw3 has done so well is given options to the player. I am able to play dedicated servers as well as p2p depending on my preference and elite can still be integrated into the game which was another concern I had given the addition of dedicated servers.

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            22. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - PC Exclusive Information & FAQ

            i dont know if you are an hardcore gamer or not, but if you were i dont think you were supporting matchmaking type system cause when you play with 150 -200 ping cause the host is 2000 km away from you, you dont call that fair game because you get killed by complete noobs only cause they see you one quarter hour before you see them. i own a clan in italy on mw2 playing since 2009, we always play with 150 ping and more and we still menage to win when we have ONE red ping bar and the other have FULL green ping bars, so we are a little tired and we would like to play with 40 ping, so dont tell me this is PERFECT pls...

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              23. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - PC Exclusive Information & FAQ

              I swear I think this is an IW employee...


              I don't care what two 13 year olds do! I don't! I don't care about who has no-life boosting! I play PC so I don't have to play the Xbox 360 way. These dedicated servers are useless because the system still forces you to use laggy *** IWNET to progress. ELITE could still be done for Matchmaking but don't ruin servers. Non-progressing servers forces players to play IWNET again. I was only here because IW claimed we would have dedicated servers like CoD4 and they only did this to lead us on 2-3 weeks before the release - as Treyarch did with Black Ops - as IW has first done with MW2.

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                24. Re: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - PC Exclusive Information & FAQ

                tommygun007508 Go and play with bowling on Xbox. you have no idea what you are talking about . WE dont want to rank on some shity unregulated residential internet . I also dont want to play S&d with a bunch of tryhard n00bs with grenade launchers and dual machine pistols and all the other crap people use cuz they can't shoot. Oh will have a barebones playlist screw that no is ever in those . The barbones servers in blops are almost always full there is only a few but we know where they are and connect to them with out a 6hour wait with iwnet.

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                  25. Re: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - PC Exclusive Information & FAQ

                  Well because of this crap with the non ranked dedicated servers my whole clan of 100+ members as we are, in more than 4 countries around Europe have said we are not buying this game.


                  We play on the PC so that we don't have to use a P2P system, like the console users have and pc gamers have had to use with MW2.


                  We tried MW2 and could not game properly with each other because of the lag and also because of the fact that we couldn't kick cheaters, or rank up in the private matches.


                  Got to love how IW/SHG said the servers will be like the cod 4 servers and now 2 week's before the release they crap on us by saying, oh you can run a dedi server but it's gonna be pointless because you cannot rank up on them.


                  Guess we now have to rely on Treyarch to make a game that we will want to play as IW/SHG are not interested in actually supporting the pc players.


                  No ranked dedi servers

                  No change of FPS limit

                  No lean
                  Forced to play on P2P connections

                  Forced to play on AlterIWnet to get a fair game if they manage to get ranking working on dedi servers but then we get vac banned.

                  Forced to use a anti cheat system that doesn't pick up cheats, but only picks up someone who plays on AlterIWnet or edit's there config file to show the fps or lag-o-meter etc.




                  Well done IW/SHG on killing one of the great franchises on the pc.


                  Battlefield 3 win's this year hands down on the pc platform because atleast they understand what pc gamers want.

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                    26. Re: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - PC Exclusive Information & FAQ

                    fourzerotwo wrote:


                    What is the Maxplayer count for Modern Warfare 3 on PC?


                    Currently it is 18 players max (in Ground War) but it may increase post launch.


                    Ummm...What happened to 32+ player count servers?


                    BF3 has up to 64 slot servers, RO2 has up to 64 slot servers.


                    Why only 18 again?? It looks like Black Ops 2.0.


                    Canceled pre-order and went with BF3 and RO2.

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                      27. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - PC Exclusive Information & FAQ

                      Thanks, now I will save money.

                      VAC is not going to work with p2p so hackers will f#ck everything again.

                      No lean is stupid.

                      Unranked dedis... Why not take keyboard and mouse away too and make us play with controller.

                      IW failed again.

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                        28. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - PC Exclusive Information & FAQ

                        Alright. Lean I can live without. Having a handicapped version of Elite I can live without. Heck, I can live being a PC CoD player whilst ignoring a pretty good PC shooter (you know which it is). But the decision to take dedi's out of the ranked equation is incredibly baffling. In a recent interview, the Beachhead staff confirmed that Elite will be severely handicapped for the PC and will do little more than provide stats. Therefore what is the obstacle between giving us ranked dedicated servers?


                        You've put in the coding effort to get them in, you've made the SKU, the server files, the rcon, everything! And all for some random unranked servers wherein there will be no point in playing. The only reason people play unranked is for mods, and they most likely won't be coming to the platform.


                        Just reconsider this decision. You put in the effort to get dedi's to us, why don't you actually listen to the community rather than your (rather weak) efforts becoming as unused as IWNet for MW2.

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                          29. Re: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - PC Exclusive Information & FAQ

                          robert trolling strikes again


                          no lean !!!!


                          no ranked dedi. servers!!!


                          and we all know VAC doesnt work !!!!


                          damn turd box lovers

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