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    The XM25... *facepalm*

      So I don't know how many have seen the new XM25 footage in the Strike Package video, but it was shown that the XM25 grenade launcher is a semi-automatic launcher that holds 4 noob tube rounds at once, and comes with a total of 12 rounds every spawn.  Traditionally, even with OMA in MW2, you get 2 rounds at a time.  XM25 gives you 12 noob tubes. Every life. You would have to use OMA 6 times to get that many tubes in MW2. It was also believed you could not fire without lazing a target first with the scope, but the player is clearly hip-firing in the footage.


      Now I understand there was not a single point in the video where the XM25 killed in one round, and the enemy shrugged that 1 round off.  However, these enemies probably all had Blast Shield.  Let's just say that you can tank one XM25 round and live even without Blast Shield - the user still has 3 more semi-automatic rounds ready to go.


      So basically idiots and noobs will be able to run around and rapid fire 4 consecutive semi-auto noob tube rounds, from the hip.  Even someone using Blast Shield can't take more than 2 consecutive noob tubes.


      Wow... you know, I thought they had learned.  I really thought Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games would have had more wisdom than that.  Guess I really should never assume anything.