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    4 player offline split screen MP

      I know that offline split screen multiplayer is not a huge focus for many First Person Shooter Developers out there, however, many people such as myself enjoy it. Every Call of Duty game that I have played since Call of Duty 4 has had offline split screen multiplayer in it, but Modern Warfare 2 was the first game to make it great. In Modern Warfare 2, as you know, everything you could do online you could do in offline split screen multiplayer, not so much with other Call of Duty games.


      Having as much as an in-depth split screen mode as Modern Warfare 2 did would really make Modern Warfare 3 an exceptionally enjoyable game for me and other split screen players.


      I hope Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games can implant such a great offline split screen multiplayer mode into Modern Warfare 3.