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    [PC] Descendants of Mayhem [<DoM>] are recruiting for COD Blops, and Black ops 2 [PC] HC CTF/DOM/DEMO    West Coast U.S.A






      Descendants of Mayhem are recruiting for COD4, COD Blops, and MW3 Black ops ll

      We're a no nonsense P.C. based Call of Duty clan, that welcome mature, strait forward gamers who enjoy a relaxed, serious gaming atmosphere; competitively, as well as just good old friendly gaming. So whether you’re in to serious hardcore competition, or just a weekend warrior; you’ll find a place to call home at Descendants of Mayhem. Feel free to join us on Team Speak, or one of our many servers where we always fight with...

      Honor - Decency - Respect



      team work is important to us; we win as a team or we lose as a team, no one goes it alone.

      we believe TEAM points win games; not stats.

      If you're a one man team, or think you're GODs gift to gamming; you need not aply.



      We strive to keep our members engaged and informed in all matters related to Call of Duty.


      Members will be rewarded for participation through a ranking system.

      All new members will start as recruits and work there way up through the chain of command.

      (Participation includes practices, scrims, league matches, and forum discussions.)



      If you're interested in serious gaming, with out all the bullshit politics. We’re here to game. Register at http://www.descendantsofmayhem.clanservers.com fill out an app. and we'll get back to you ASAP



      We have one ranked Blps server, one ranked COD4 servers. and a MW3 unranked server (for now)



      [DoM]MW3 DoM> HC CTF/DOM/DEMO IP: Seattle, WA

      [DoM]BLops DoM.> HC TACTICAL IP:  Seattle, WA

      [DoM]COD4 DoM> HC Mixed IP:  Seattle, WA



        you can reach us at http://www.descendantsofmayhem.clanservers.com
      or Our TeamSpeak3 server209.247.83.121:9170 PW dom2011





      Descendants of Mayhem

      DoM Steam Group