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    To the people that went back to older games because of double exp...

      What has your experience been like? Did you enjoy going back, reminiscing in old memories, drowning in sweet nostalgia? Or was it a torturous grind to prestige in a game that you probably had a reason  that you hadn't prestiged in in the first place?


      [Personal answer]


           I have had a bitter sweet experience. I need to prestige in World at War, so I borrowed it from a friend. i made it to level 31 prior to today, selling the game very quickly after buying it and switching to CoD4 when it first came out. I hated this game with a passion.


           Going back to it now, I have been enjoying the hell out of myself. It was something different to play, is incredibly fun, and has pretty nice balance. The only negative things I have felt so far is the amount of hackers, hell, even running away from tank fire is fun for me. I'menjoying this more than Black Ops.


      Anybody else enjoying having a reason to go back to old games, maybe even giving them the second chance they deserve? Or the first chance you never got to give them?